Technology to be used in difficult conditions

Technology will also be used under difficult conditions: Physical conditions can hamper the use of technology and work order for field workers in sectors such as railway, energy, retail, automotive, logistics and health.
The Japanese technology company Panasonic developed the Toughpad FZ-M1 7 inch tablet to allow workers to work unaffected by the harsh conditions such as rain, dust, dirt, temperature, falling from height.
Panasonic Mobile Enterprise Solutions on Turkey Country Director Ali Oktay Ortakaya they develop tablets, Turkey's economic targets and guiding the growth of the railways every day, there are strategic sectors like energy and retail. Professionals working in such strategic sectors need to benefit from all the benefits of the digital age. Information sharing in all these sectors should now be instantaneous.
While sharing the information, it is of great importance that the employees do not retreat from the activities that are vital for their business continuity and their conditions are not reflected in their works. Physical conditions should not interfere with the work of the employees indicating that Ortakaya, Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1, a single-handedness of wear, falls, water, dust and temperature resistance to the combination of a tablet that we are not accustomed to the connection options that can meet the needs of uninterrupted work.
Jonathan Tucker, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic Europe Region, said the tablet was designed to help mobile workers in harsh physical conditions. Tucker, to offer a fast and simple to use while on patrol cops, products that perform different functions in order to pick up over the retail sector, made the statement as used in Turkey and Europe. The most thin and lightest durable tablet device, the 2014 2 99 from April XNUMX will be available at prices starting from Euro.

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