34 Istanbul

IETT is suing untrue and false travelers

IETT is preparing to file new lawsuits against those who use travel cards by using someone else's travel card or by issuing documents such as a fake disability report, fake student certificate, and those who travel by jumping from turnstiles during various protests and demonstrations. IETT, which catches those who make free travel by committing these crimes red-handed or detects them after the incident, initiates legal action against these people. [more…]

16 Bursa

Fast train is coming to Bursa

AK Party Bursa Deputy Mustafa Öztürk said that the claims that the Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) Project, which is under construction between Bandırma-Bursa-Osmaneli, is progressing slowly does not reflect the truth. Öztürk, “The high-speed train is coming to Bursa quickly.” said. Mustafa Öztürk stated that the expropriation plans for the villages of Armut, Alaşar and Ahmet Yesevi are ready and that the work continues. Öztürk, Yolçatı, Doğanköy and [more…]


Why Light Rail System?

The importance of “rail systems” in transportation is an indisputable fact. However, it must be admitted that rail system applications are late. In this regard, it could not keep up with the world; While the backbone of urban transportation in the world is based on rail systems, "road" and "rubber-wheeled" transportation have been encouraged in our country for years, and the investments made have been mostly for land transportation. A transportation based on road and rubber-tyred vehicles [more…]


What happened to Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Project?

Stating that they also attended the 4th Ordinary Grand Congress of the Ak Party, to which Turkey's leading non-governmental organizations were invited, last Sunday at the Ankara Arena Sports Hall, KOBIDER President Nurettin Özgenç said, He said that he talked about the important projects that have been done and will be done, but he did not mention the Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Project. Erdogan Didn't Tell About the Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Erdogan at the Congress [more…]


Prime Ministry Officials Investigated Babadağı for the Cable Car Project

Officials of the Prime Ministry Turkey Investment Support and Promotion Agency and the South Aegean Development Agency made investigations in Fethiye district of Muğla. Visiting Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTSO), the authorities made on-site inspections about the cable car project planned to be built in Babadağ. Prime Ministry Turkey Investment Support and Promotion Agency Investor Services Department Head Mustafa Rumeli, Chief Project Director İsmail [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara-Istanbul YHT Line to Launch at 30 September 2013

Minister Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, announced that the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) line will be opened with Marmaray on September 30, 2013, and YHT services will start between Eskişehir and Konya soon. . Minister Yıldırım, who came to the construction site in Bilecik's Osmaneli campus on September 28, 2012, to examine the works on the Eskişehir-Istanbul stage, which is under construction of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line, made important statements here. Lightning, [more…]

ottoman railways mail history
Intercity Railways

Historical Course of Rail Systems in Transportation

Our country initially acted together with European countries in the planning and construction of rail systems. As can be seen below, the first railway business was in England in 1829; It was started to be built in 1869 on the throne of the Ottoman Empire. However, later on, especially between 1940-2000, the administrators who aspired to rule the country could not sufficiently comprehend the importance of the railway. History of Rail Systems in the World [more…]

iettden metrobus fire description
34 Istanbul

Metrobus Fire: Metrobus Caught Fire While Cruising

Metrobus Fire: The fire of the ongoing metrobus in Avcılar caused lively minutes. While the flames in the engine of the metrobus were extinguished with a fire extinguisher, there was a short-term panic in the incident. The incident took place last Saturday at the transfer stop in Avcılar. According to the information received, the metrobus departed after picking up passengers. Flames started to rise from the engine of the metrobus, which was only one stop ahead. CITIZENS WARN [more…]

Intercity Railways

4 appealed to EIA reports of Trabzon-Gumushane-Erzincan Railway and Tirebolu-Gumushane-Erzincan Railway Projects

EIA reports of Trabzon-Gümüshane-Erzincan Railway and Tirebolu-Gümüşhane-Erzincan Railway Projects, which are among the most important projects that will affect the future of TRABZON and the region, have been suspended. A total of 4 objections were received from Trabzon and Bayburt to the railway report. The Provincial Directorate added the objections to the file and sent them to the Ministry. Bayburt TSO: Let it pass through the plain! BAYBURT Chamber of Commerce and Industry objected on the grounds that the railway could pass through the Bayburt Plains more easily. [more…]

45 Denmark

In Denmark, the 14 cow hit by the high-speed train

When cows escaped from a farm near the city of Varde in the western Jylland region of DENMARK, 14 cows were hit by the high-speed train and died. Michael Skaarup, from the Regional Police Department, stated that some of the cows were right on the train track and some of them escaped injured and perished within a certain distance, “After the accident, train services between the cities of Varde and Skjern took a long time. [more…]


Minister Yıldırım: "Everywhere I go, everyone wants high speed trains"

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, stated that every province wanted high-speed trains and said, “Wherever I went, highways were requested before. Now, wherever I go, I am faced with the question 'when will the high-speed train arrive in our district with us'. The emergence of this demand increases our responsibility even more. There is also the future-oriented side of the demand. Our government decides the railway policy. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Rail System Transportation in Istanbul and Existing Rail System Network

Considering the fact that Istanbul has a polycentric and different settlement structure and the potential for rapid development and change, it is seen that the current rail system does not meet the needs to the desired extent. A variety of solutions are produced by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which will allow the development of rail systems to solve transportation problems. General Operating Information At the beginning of the lines operated by Istanbul Transportation Inc. [more…]


Gaziantep tram 3. stage Abraham line tender will be held soon

Gaziantep Development Foundation (GAGEV) held its 10th High Advisory Board Meeting under the title of “Gaziantep Industry”. Deputy Governor Mevlüt Kurban, at the meeting on “Gaziantep Industry” held at the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall, wished that the work would be beneficial for Gaziantep. Metropolitan Mayor Asım Güzelbey also stated that Gaziantep is a favorite of Turkey as an industrial city. Transportation is one of the most important problems of the industry. [more…]


Ground survey studies started on the route where YHT will pass

Ground survey works started with three different construction sites established in the previous days on the route where YHT will pass. After the completion of the ground survey and the installation of new rails, YHT services will begin. TCDD accelerated its work for High Speed ​​​​Train. The previous day, 3 different construction sites were set up for ground surveys on the People's House, Köseköy and Maşukiye. Along the road at the construction site installed instead of the removed rails [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Master Plan Studies

With the planning studies for the Istanbul metropolitan area, depending on the land use and population structure of 2023, it contributes to the planned development of the city, is economically low-cost and ecologically minimizes the damage to the environment, adheres to the principle of social equality, is compatible with the historical and cultural identity of the city. governance, which includes qualities such as accessibility, comfort, security, reliability and [more…]


Assoc. Dr. Ebru Vesile ÖCALIR Academic Studies

Assoc. Dr. Ebru Vesile ÖCALIR was born in 1972 in Ankara. He graduated from Gazi University, Department of City and Regional Planning in 1993. He graduated from METU Regional Planning Master's program in 1996. Working on transportation planning and traffic engineering, Ebru Vesile ÖCALIR completed her doctorate in 1999 at Vienna Technical University in Austria, where she went with a YÖK scholarship in 2003. In 2010, he went again with YÖK scholarship. [more…]


we need to have Turkey as Logistics Master Plan

Tuncay Aydın, one of the 4PL Logistics Consultancy Services, has a pleasant experience about the problems of the sector, as well as the consultancy they provide to the companies and the trainings they have given to the sector employees, sohbet we did. Founded in 2012, 4PL Logistics and Consultancy company mainly serves the food industry. From the source of the 4PL product to the production stage, from the production stage to storage and delivery to the final consumer [more…]

light rail system costs
01 Adana

Cost of Some Light Rail System in Turkey

The costs of some Light Rail Systems, whose project was drawn up and built in Turkey, are as follows. Costs are in Euros, Dollars, Marks and Franks and are categorized in the table below. City Line Distance Total Cost 1 (one) km Cost KAYSERİ Kayseray 17,8 km 100 million Euro 12,7 million TL SAMSUN Körfez–Cumhuriyet 17,5 km 156 million USD 14,2 million [more…]


Appointment Decisions

Turkey Railway Machinery Industry Inc. With its General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Türkiye Vagon Sanayi A.Ş. The General Manager and the Chairman of the Board of Directors were dismissed and new names were appointed in their place. According to the appointment decisions published in the Official Gazette, Ahmet Genç was appointed to the Board of Directors of the General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization (Treasury), Salih?Köse to the Board of Directors of the General Directorate of Tea Enterprises (Treasury), [more…]

35 Izmir

The transitions of the citizens on the İZBAN line are threatening

The crossings opened by the citizens to the İZBAN line with their own means are dangerous. Rather than walking for kilometers, those who use these crossings are gambling with their souls. If they ask a question, İZBAN comes at the beginning of my answer. Because İZBAN is a real source of pride next to our metro, which we still haven't finished. Let's face it, the problems are still not solved. I'm talking about the neighborhoods that İZBAN divided into two in Gaziemir. 50 meters ahead [more…]

34 Istanbul

Haydarpaşa Station's enclosure

Haydarpaşa Train Station, which is obvious that it will fall into the lap of 'financing' with the fire caused by the subcontractor company that has undertaken the restoration, is being put up for sale with all its 'historical spirit'. What does the government's refusal to 'preserve' its deeply ingrained characteristic in the aesthetics, publicity and urban culture of historical places, which is so heavily burdened with the discourse of 'creating a conservative society', show if not 'alienation' against time and space? Here, with 'conservative populism' covering the political field, [more…]

35 Izmir

Young man of 16 commits suicide on the suburban line

The 16-year-old teenager, who entered the İZBAN suburban line, ended his life by jumping in front of the passenger train. 16-year-old İslam Çelik, who entered the İZBAN suburban line in İzmir, allegedly ended his life by jumping in front of the passenger train. The incident occurred on the İZBAN suburban line behind the Konak Municipality Cleaning Works Directorate on 21.30 Street in Gürçeşme District Küçük Ada Mahallesi, around 1433 today. [more…]

55 Brazil

Brazil, looking for new investor for railway renovation and development project

The Brazilian government invites international investors to its country with the project of renovating and developing the railways that it started recently. In addition to the renewal of the existing railway network, with the tenders that foreign investors can participate in, it is aimed to build 10 new lines with a length of 12 thousand kilometers and put them into operation. With this expansion, the disproportionate railway transportation, based on the geographical structure of the country, has reached the general [more…]


Complete transaction at Hasanbey logistics center

One of the logistics centers that were pressed to be created in 11 cities in Turkey emerged in Eskişehir. He will put an end to his ugliness. CONSTRUCTION IS COMPLETED Transportation, which presses the button for the application, which is among the projects of the government [more…]

high-speed train schedules 2019

Ground Investigation for High Speed ​​Train in Kocaeli

Soil Investigation for High Speed ​​​​Train in Kocaeli: Ground survey works started with three different construction sites established in the previous days on the route where the YHT will pass. After the completion of the ground survey and the installation of new rails, YHT services will begin. TCDD accelerated its work for High Speed ​​​​Train. The previous day, 3 different construction sites were set up for the ground survey work on the People's House, Köseköy and Maşukiye. removed [more…]