Tram Modification in Konya

If you're lucky, you've come. ”Airconditioned Trams“. So why not always be lucky after all! Yeah, you'il always be lucky! If you can survive the scorching heat without having a heart attack in summer, thanks to the tips we provide [more…]

49 Germany

Train Hit Car in Germany: 1 Dead

One person died when a high-speed train known as "ICE" in Germany hit a car in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Police stated that the driver of the car hit by the train at a level crossing near the city of Köthen died. Vehicles can escape at the level crossing in question [more…]


Trams Can Be Made Absolutely

Nail Adalı, Head of TCDD Training Department, spoke precisely about the production of tramways of TÜLOMSAŞ: konu The information that will configure a tram is in TÜLOMSAŞ and our other partners. TÜLOMSAŞ is not very meaningful to me whether the tram makes the debate. Absolutely can be done ” [more…]

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