06 Ankara

High-Speed ​​Train Projects: Ankara-Sivas-Kars high-speed train line

The Ankara – Sivas – Kars High Speed ​​​​Train Project was planned to be built in order to provide the transportation of Eastern Anatolia and Sivas to the big cities of Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir) in a shorter time and to realize the connection with the high speed railway. A new double track, electrified, signaled new railway will be built between Ankara-Kırıkkale-Yozgat-Sivas and later Kars. Ankara – Sivas stage is 442 km in Ankara. [more…]

212 Morocco

Construction Center 50 8 project of over one million dollars

Emre Aykar, who is the Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Contractors' Association, became one of the vice presidents at the general assembly of the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) last month. This is an important development. Because Turkey, which was in the same group as Greece, Bulgaria, Malta and Southern Cyprus in the federation that was divided into country groups, could not come to the post of vice president because it was not an EU member. For years on this [more…]

06 Ankara

High-Speed ​​Train Projects: Ankara-Izmir high-speed train line

The line is planned to pass through the cities of Ankara - Afyonkarahisar - Uşak - Manisa - İzmir, respectively. After passing Polatlı, the Ankara-Konya high-speed train line will fork in Kocahacılı, Polatlı at its 120th km and proceed in the direction of Afyon. The project, which is expected to have a total length of 624 kilometers and a total construction cost of 4 billion TL, will have the first stage between Ankara-Afyonkarahisar, the second stage between Afyonkarahisar-Uşak-Esme and the third stage between Esme-Manisa-İzmir. [more…]

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35 Izmir

Kocaoglu Answered Questions Related to the Rail System

Aziz Kocaoğlu, Mayor of İZMİR Metropolitan Municipality, made striking statements about the rail system projects that he most important in İzmir transportation. Stating that they are waiting for approval from DPT for the tram project they will make with credit, and the first two stations in the subway are delayed due to the scissors problem, Kocaoğlu said, “About the money spent on the suburban line with the Ak Parti, we KarşıyakaWe are talking about the expenditures after the foundation date. [more…]


TÜVASAŞ is the value of our country and city

AK Party Provincial President Recep Uncuoğlu and accompanying AK Party officials paid a "good luck" visit to TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal Visiting Turkey Wagon Factory General Manager Erol İnal in his office, AK Party Provincial President Recep Uncuoğlu and Mutlu Işıksu, Erdoğan Demirci , Osman Aydın and Ali Çetingöz wished İnal success in his new assignment. Mr. Erol to TÜVASAŞ with his experience [more…]

balikesir gokkoy logistics center
10 Balikesir

Balikesir Logistics Center to be opened to Europe and Asia

Balıkesir Logistics Center Will Open to Europe and Asia: Gökköy Logistics Center with a carrying capacity of 1 million tons, which is being established by TCDD in Balıkesir, will play an important role in transporting the products in the region to Europe and Asia. Automotive, food and mineral products will be transported from the logistics center. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), as in European countries, provides transition between transportation modes. [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa Nostalgic Tram did not work well

Cumhuriyet Caddesi, which accompanies the preparations of the citizens with all its activity, does not see the demand it wants. All the improvements, infrastructure works and revision works are not enough to attract the public to the street. Street shopkeepers said that there was a movement due to the fact that Eid al-Fitr coincides with the summer month compared to Eid al-Adha, and that the desired stability has not yet been achieved in this Eid. Train on the street for Bursa Nostalgic Tram [more…]

06 Ankara

High-Speed ​​Train Projects: Ankara-Konya high-speed train line

The construction of the 212 km Polatlı-Konya line started in August 2006. The line was completed and put into service in 2011. In the tests carried out for the control of the line, 40.000 km of roads were made. Since there is no direct line between this line, the Ankara-Konya journey time, which was 10 hours 30 minutes, decreased to 1 hour 40 minutes. The length of the line stretching from Ankara to Konya is 306 km. There are 8 reciprocal flights every day. New [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Altepe Description

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Altepe: “With the works in the east of the city, Bursa will really change its shell in the coming months and years. With the other investments and projects we will make here, the east of the city will be as attractive as the west.” In his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony of Kestel Köprülü Junction, Altepe said that the intersection to be built at one of the most important points of Bursa will be an important part of the rail system works. [more…]

33 France

Trains stopped in France, life was paralyzed

In France, the strike of railway workers paralyzed life. Due to the strike decision, a significant part of the train services stopped. The strike of the employees of the French National Railway Company (SNCF) negatively affected transportation throughout France, especially in Paris. Due to the strike decision, which was also announced on the official website of SNCF, a warning was given to prevent passengers from being victims. High-speed train (TGV), train (TER) due to the strike decision [more…]

98 Iran

railway transportation between Iran and Turkey will increase

Ziya Altunyaldız, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, stated that Turkey's first train x-ray system, which is under construction in Van Kapıköy on the Iranian border, is planned to be operational by the end of the year. According to the statement made by the Ministry of Customs and Trade, the 3rd Meeting of Heads of Customs Administration of Turkey – Iran was held in Isfahan, Iran. At the meeting, the Turkish and Iranian sides agreed to ensure safe and high-volume cargo transportation. [more…]

06 Ankara

Disabled ramp was built in the suburban underpass in Mamak

Mamak Municipality designs infrastructure works such as parks, gardens, avenues and streets in such a way that disabled citizens can move easily. Mamak Municipality, which also made a revision in the previous infrastructure works, rearranges it in a way that the disabled can move easily within the borders of the district. Finally, Mamak Municipality; Disabled ramp for suburban underpass connecting Mamak Street and Çağlayan Mahallesi [more…]

siemensin new yht sets used by the Turkish companies produced domestic parts

Tender Announcement: TCDD Will Receive 6 Very High Speed ​​​​Train Sets

Within the scope of the Ankara Konya High Speed ​​​​Train Line Development Project, the General Directorate of TCDD will receive 5-year maintenance-repair and cleaning services with the supply of 6 very High Speed ​​​​Train Sets and 1 Simulator with 7 percent spares. According to the announcement in today's issue of the Official Gazette, Islamic State for the financing of the Railway Modernization Project by the General Directorate of TCDD. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Logistics Center and Freight Transportation in Konya

The 500-ton limit applied to railway transportation can be reduced to 250 tons with special permits. But even this property restriction is too much. This situation causes companies to choose highway instead of railway due to its speed and convenience, even though it is high cost. The application of bulk transportation on suitable lines by accumulating piece loads causes the loads to be kept on hold. In today's competitive conditions, no firm can [more…]


Estram Project and Technology

The ESTRAM Project was completed in 20 months.[2] History of Estram Project Contract start date (NTP)→July 11, 2002 Start of excavation (Bazaar area)→August 15, 2002 Addition of the Opera branch→August 15, 2003 Arrival of the first vehicle in Eskişehir→December 10, 2003 Completion of the project→June 27, 2004 Beginning of sailings→24 December, 2004 Estram Technology The tram has four times longer braking distance than rubber-tyred vehicles. vehicle energy [more…]

7 Russia

3 bin 500 wagon for Moscow metro to be taken

New wagons will be developed for the Moscow metro Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin demanded that a new wagon type be produced for the capital's metro. Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, in his speech at the metro science-technical council yesterday, appealed to all the world's leading wagon manufacturers for the Moscow metro and called for the production of a new wagon type for the capital metro. Sobyanin, “Our [more…]


Railway professions (Traffic Controller)

Traffic Controller (Level 6) national occupational standard is in compliance with the provisions of "Regulation on Preparation of National Occupational Standards" and "Regulation on Establishment, Duties, Working Procedures and Principles of Vocational Qualifications Authority Sector Committees" issued pursuant to the Law No. 5544 on Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA). It was prepared by the TCDD Development and TCDD Personnel Solidarity and Assistance Foundation, which was commissioned by VQA. Traffic [more…]