Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Master Plan Studies

2023 year for the metropolitan area of ​​Istanbul with its planning works, depending on the land use and population structure, contributes to the planned development of the city, economically low-cost and ecological environment to minimize the harm to the environment, socially based on the principle of social equality, compatible with the historical and cultural identity of the city It aims to meet the transportation demands of the inhabitants by establishing an effective and sustainable transportation system that will allow all units within the context of governance to work together in an organized way.

Transportation Master Plan, which was prepared in 1997 for Istanbul metropolitan area, has lost its current time in the development and change period of the city, change of the boundaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Law with the Metropolitan Municipality Law no 5216 and the scope of transportation master plan compatible with current master plans are not sufficient; At the same time, there was a need for a new transportation master plan based on 1999 year projection due to the fact that the preparation of a transportation master plan in compliance with the land use plans that may change due to all the land use plans that need to be revised following the Marmara Region earthquake in 2023. . Within the framework of this need, a new transportation master plan study for Istanbul metropolitan area was initiated.

In the process of realization of the legal infrastructure of the international technical cooperation agreement with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), the Mayor of Istanbul Transportation Master Plan 2006 for the preparation of the necessary information for the preparation, compilation, modeling and preparation of the transportation master plan. Phase Analytical Study and Model Calibration study has been started and the second step of the mentioned plan study carried out within the framework of the technical cooperation protocol organized by JICA as the continuation of these studies is the Transportation Master Plan 1. The tedir Istanbul Metropolitan Area Integrated Urban Transport Master Plan Support Project sürdürül work was carried out by our municipality in 2-2007, and it was completed in 2008 and revision works are ongoing.

Within the scope of Istanbul Metropolitan Area Integrated Urban Transportation Master Plan study (IUAP), the feasibility studies of road and rail system projects for 1 year are currently being carried out in accordance with the data from the 100.000 / 2023 scale Environmental Plan.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality established its own project team for the IUAP study and the team and JICA experts conducted the project jointly. Four faculty members from universities were included in the project team as advisory groups. In addition, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has organized a monitoring committee consisting of representatives from relevant units and institutions in its working structure. This board has followed the process and reviewed the details of the planning process critically.

The objectives of the study are the preparation of an urban transportation master plan for the city of Istanbul, which includes the preparation of short (2013 target year), middle (2018 target year) and long (2023 target year) plans and creation of an implementation plan for these three periods. The sub-objectives of the transport master plan to be prepared in this context are defined in the 3 sub-heading:

• Reducing private automobile addiction by improving public transport services, thus contributing to increasing mobility and accessibility within the city and creating a more livable urban environment

• Improving the road network in order to cope with the increasing vehicle traffic in the short term, and shaping the appropriate spatial growth of the city in the long term

• Tightening of traffic rules within the framework of traffic management policies, ensuring effective use of existing roads, improvement of traffic signaling system, improvement of traffic information system, strict sanctions for illegal parking, improvement of pedestrian environment, ensuring parking control, ensuring traffic safety.

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