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IZBAN and Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Prime Minister Erdogan, Turkey's largest urban public transport projects which izban in his speech at the opening of this project is an indication that hükümetmiz the partisanship and do something could be done in conjunction said. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's [more…]

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First Eye Pain in High Speed ​​Train

Ankara-Eskişehir The process of transition from Rehabilitation to High Speed ​​Train in the implementation of the High Speed ​​Train Project, which is one of the most important projects of our country, will realize the goal of Ön Exceeding the Level of Passive Civilizations ün of Great Leader Atatürk. [more…]


Turkey Meets High-speed train

Turkey's two largest cities of Ankara and Istanbul, the immigration population and are constantly evolving city. One of them is the capital city and the other is the city of trade and industry. [more…]


Fast train in Turkey

The need for the most efficient use of time, the minimization of environmental damage caused by road transport and the fact that the rail is a more reliable means of transport compared to other modes of transport, [more…]

Prysmian cable for domestic production rail cables

Fast Train in the World

High speed trains are used today in European countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan, China and South Korea. Leading high-speed rail lines, Japan is also the country with the highest passenger density. [more…]

Unknowns About CAF Brand YHT High Speed ​​​​Train

What is High Speed ​​Train?

Today's trains go faster than the 10 floor of their first example and deserve the definition of “High Speed ​​Train kadar. However, there are certain conditions for reaching this speed. A fast train line [more…]