35 Izmir

High Voltage İZBAN LINE

The crossings opened by the citizens to the İZBAN line with their own means are dangerous. Rather than walking for kilometers, those who use these crossings are gambling with their lives. “What do you applaud in İzmir?” If they ask a question, İZBAN comes at the beginning of my answer. [more…]


Strategic Logistics Centers for 2023

Rifat Sait, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and Deputy of İzmir, said that the "logistics centers" that the Ministry of Economy plans to establish in countries with strategic importance in Turkey's exports will be completed by 2023 by eliminating the problems such as stocking the products and delivering them on time. [more…]

Rail System Cloth

Rail System Cluster Demands and Agenda

Rail System Cluster Demands and Agenda: OSTİM is a cooperative established to “provide a place” for those producing goods and services. Today, in the heart of Ankara, a very different equipment is produced and service is performed. [more…]