High speed train

All About High Speed ​​Train - CAF

Everything About High Speed ​​​​Train: The High Speed ​​​​Train sets supplied from CAF company located in Spain consist of 6 wagons. In these sets, maximum comfort is provided for passengers while traveling on high-tech secure lines. In the High Speed ​​​​Train, which will travel at 250 km, air conditioning, video, TV music system, equipment for the disabled, closed circuit video recording system, vacuum [more…]

Intercity Railways

Konya Railway Transportation | Konya - Karaman line

Konya Railway Transportation | As the Konya - Karaman line Konya Station will serve as a high-speed train station, it has been decided to expand the loading and unloading areas at Kaşınhanı station in order to address the freight potential in Konya, the projects have been prepared and the tender has been made. The contract for the project for the double-duplication of the existing line between Konya and Karaman was made on 27.01.2011 [more…]


Konya City Rail System | Tram line

New Route The existing tram line, which plays an important role in urban transportation, operates between Alaeddin-University Campus. The existing line has changed many transportation routes on the route and significantly relieved the city transportation. However, the expansion of Konya and the increase in its population necessitate new tram routes. In this context, the city tram line, which ends in Alaeddin, runs over Mevlana. [more…]


Estram Statistics and Planned Lines

Estram Statistics Overview of Estram in figures (24 December 2004 – 31 March 2011)[5] Total number of passengers carried: 184.672.634 passengers Average number of passengers carried (Weekdays and Saturdays): 97.820 passengers/day Average number of passengers carried (Sunday) ): 73.885 passengers/day Total train km: 9.057.853 km (approximately 226 tours around the world) Daily average km.: 4538 km Total number of trips: [more…]


Railway Professions (Rail Systems Signalization Maintenance and Repairer)

Rail Systems Signaling Maintenance and Repairer (Level 4) national occupational standard “Regulation on Preparation of National Occupational Standards” and “Establishment, Duties, Working Procedures and Principles of Vocational Qualifications Institution Sector Committees” issued pursuant to the Law No. 5544 on Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) TCDD Development and TCDD Personnel Solidarity and Assistance assigned by MYK in accordance with the provisions of the “Regulation on [more…]


Today in History: 28 October 1944 The first train service between Diyarbakır-Kurtalan started.

October 28, 1961 Devrim Automobiles, built at Eskişehir Railway Factory, made a trial tour on the streets of Ankara. 28 October 1890 The concession of Thessaloniki-Monastery Line was given to M. Alfred Kaulla, acting on behalf of a German-group affiliated with Deutsch Bank. October 28, 1918 The distance between El Muazzam station and Mebreke-tu'n-Naka was evacuated. Then, the last northern station, Medayin-i Salih, was abandoned. 28 October 1944 Diyarbakır-Kurtalan [more…]