Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the budget of IMM is allocated to 55.

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, hosted the consul-general in Istanbul for breakfast at Emirgan Mansion. President Kadir Topbas who listened his thoughts about Istanbul, also answered questions about Istanbul.

Answering a question about the median work in the city, Mayor Kadir Topbas said that they planned the city in Istanbul Metropolitan Planning and Urban Design Center (IMP) when they came to office, and that they carried out all works in this direction, especially in transportation. Kadir Topbaş stated that the budget of the IMM was allocated to the 55 for transportation and they even made the metro investments from the municipality's own resources.

Ik I just invested a billion dollars on the metro 6,5. In order to solve all the nodes of Istanbul, we made 259 junction in Istanbul. 57 was the sum of what was done before us. We made very serious investigations for the reorganization of Taksim Square. Taksim is being used as a transit point. It's not a point of living. We will remove the bus stops under this new arrangement. We have seen that we need to underground the traffic which is the busiest traffic from Osmaneli to Tarlabasi. Thus, we will integrate Talimhane, which is a region of hotels, with Taksim Square in terms of pedestrian traffic. This first phase was approved by the Protection Board and we made the tender. The contractor can start immediately. We have to finish this work before the 1 reaches the year and without disturbing people. We will finish it day by night as soon as possible. Gece

Dan There are underpass protests in the form of being taken from the underground from Gümüşsuyu to the bottom of the AKM towards Taşkışla. We have our hesitations and we are still working on it. If an underpass is made, there will be large crevices, iler said Mayor Topbaş. Irs We thought that we could have Sıraselviler Street pedestrianized. It is not suitable for the traffic to be underground. We will integrate this street into the square by pedestrianization. Taksim Barracks to be built in Gezi Park will be a culture and art center. Underneath, all-round cafes, there will be a square. The new square and Gezi Park will be re-afforested within the scope of the project. We don't want a dry challenge Kuru.

Source: IMM

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