Tube tunnel will end without our souls

Our tube tunnel spirit will end without hearing: Topbaş, who explained that the Unkapanı Bridge will be lifted and the traffic will be provided with the tunnel under the sea, said, “The tunnel will come into service like a surprise. It will be completed without hearing the spirit of Istanbulites ”.
Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said that the removal of the Unkapanı Bridge, which he described as the "master period" project, and the immersed tube tunnel project between Unkapanı and Kasımpaşa, will be realized using the latest construction techniques. Stating that all kinds of scientific preparations have been made to complete the tube tunnel without causing any problems in daily life, Topbaş said, “Tünel will be put into service like a surprise in Istanbul. Neither dust and soil will be removed nor traffic congestion will be created. Istanbul will be completed without even hearing the spirit, and the transportation will be relieved.
Noting that Haliç Metro Bridge has been delayed for many years with objections that will "spoil the silhouette" and this has caused many problems in Istanbul transportation, Topbaş continued as follows: “Now we are removing the Unkapanı Bridge, which has no historical feature. We frequently buy water and repair the pontoons of this bridge, and we spend great energy and resources to prevent them from sinking. Also, it cuts the Golden Horn's current. We are building a tube tunnel under the sea instead of this bridge. This ugly bridge will be lifted. This project will be answered to the silhouette discussions. "
Topbaş also stated that with the removal of the bridge, it will appear in some of the historical works: “The Sokullu Mosque, the great work of Mimar Sinan, is almost stuck in its place due to the bridge. This historical building will come to life again. However, the Saliha Sultan Fountain, located there, will come to light again. The gate of the Haliç Shipyard built during the Fatih period is not where it should be. This door will be taken to its historical place. We are also working on Thursday Market. The region will revive again, it will be worthy of Istanbul. "

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