Strategic Logistics Centers for 2023

Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee Member and İzmir deputy Rifat Said, Ministry of Economy, Turkey's exports plans to build in countries with strategic importance "logistics center", the stocking of products, timely eliminating problems such as delivery would facilitate the achievement of the export target for 2023.

Said, AA correspondent, Economy Minister visiting Vienna they made on previous occasions by Zafer Caglayan, Turkey in exports set for 2023 indicate that 500 billion dollars on the agenda of a new breakthrough for the export target.

At this point, Turkey 4 hour flight distance of 200 countries in terms of strategic importance in the evaluation stated that the country's exports Said, "the Ministry of Economy in this region we have important work to implement that thought; strategic logistics centers. Some products may experience distance issues. Therefore, our Ministry of Economy aims to eliminate the problems such as stocking and timely delivery of products by establishing strategic logistics centers. ”

Stating that these centers are planned to be established for distant but large markets such as the USA as well as the nearby countries, Sait said, “There is a demand for Turkish products in the USA, but there may be a logistical problem in sending the product there. If this center is established there, the problems disappear while meeting these demands. ”

In this context, he stated that work is ongoing for the establishment of a logistics center in South Russia, with the participation of relevant public and private sector organizations, on the other hand, according to the needs and demand analysis, it is planned to start similar works in other countries, especially in the USA and Romania.

Rifat Sait, the establishment of these centers will be a major step for the 2023 target in exports, said.

- Support to “service exports”

In addition to product exports, services can also be evaluated as exports, Sait stated that great importance was given to foreign currency inflow to the country through service delivery, and said the health sector was one of the leading areas.

Pointing out that the Ministry of Economy has important incentives in the field of health, such as meeting the costs of the patient to be brought from abroad, but that 10 percent of these incentives are not yet used, Sait said:

“The Turkish healthcare sector has an important competitive power with its price advantage. For example, surgeries are performed much cheaper than in the USA, and the doctor's quality is also very high. In addition, the incentives of our Ministry of Economy are important here. When the patient is brought from abroad, the aircraft costs are covered by the state. We have to take advantage of the health agreement between Kosovo and Turkey. Kosovo brings patients to Turkey. "

overseas to increase the number of foreign patients coming to Turkey noted that the insurance company should be commissioned Sait also said that the transition to direct contact with insurance companies over there to plan for it.

Source: Haberciniz

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