Tehran in 72 hours by train ...

The sense of curiosity that exists within man has given him the courage to follow for things that do not make any sense, even in relative terms. In the 15.yy, even the people of the old world changed the course of history because they found the rest of the world.

In these days when it is much easier to travel from one place to the other than the old times, the choice of the transportation means that come with technology and aim only for the purpose represents the majority. Nevertheless, it is a known fact that people have always believed that the u journey ecek matures the feelings before it reaches the destination. I went to Iran on an hourly train ride to 72 as the realization of my feeling as part of this fact.

When the 72 hour is considered, it is removed from the first hours of sleep, and when food and all other technical timeframes are removed, it still remains quite long hours. The meeting with these watches creates a feeling of anxiety and excitement.

The beds are comfortable and the periodic wobbling of the train on the rails and the sounds of the train make it a good place for people to fall asleep. The effect of the changing air pressure on the ears as I enter the tunnels, and the fact that I could not see the direction of the train when I closed my eyes, I realized that there was a beginning sign for the experiences I had never experienced before.

living in Turkey, including Ankara train station which continues the journey to the interior of Anatolia, again with Iran Azeri students.

In our country's history, train travels were carried out during the young republic periods, on the tracks of the Ottoman Empire. One hundred years ago, we can understand how important the train stations were at the most important points of the cities to understand how important the train was.

Today, for the Turkish community, which does not travel much, the train journeys represent a purposeful use.

As you enter the last 36 time of the journey, the number of Iranians on the train also begins to increase. I've been wondering about these people for years and it seems exciting to observe them. The effect of the holiday of the Feast of the Sacrifice is undeniable, of course, that Iranians take the train.

The train on the Trans-Asia route is very comfortable and the food is satisfactory, although there is not much of a kind in the restaurant. Alcohol is also free to sell. Technical team is also very friendly. Employees also have a full-fledged-passenger relationship. They know that everyone plays their own role on the train, and they play the role they have played.

I understand that I was in the düş muse of inspiration düş that I dreamed before with this kind of landscapes during the journey. I might even say that.

One of the most significant events in this type of long train journey is the fact that there is no station, but the train stops. After a while, I understand that this is another train going through the two parts of our side. The photo above is also a shot.

After finishing the Turkish trains part of the journey, I board the ferries with train wagons. The change is not only on the trains and after the boat has been boarded, Iranian women are also wearing a dress. The last sips of alcohols are finished quickly and everything is ready for the transition to the Iranian system.

After taking the train to Iran in the middle of the night, we go out of our warm beds in that freezing air for crossing the border. After passing our transition operations at a border station at temperatures of minus degrees, we return to our beds, which we have left to cool on the Iranian train, which has its own atmosphere.

The Iranian train is affecting me. It's like we're taking a nostalgic ride. Although I think the wagons have an older production, I am surprised that they have a comfortable and comfortable structure as well as the Turkish train.

On my first morning in Iran, I go inside to examine Tabriz Train Station. The first thing that catches my attention is the number of women among the employees and the architecture of the station. After leaving the station, during the journey sohbet The fact that an Iranian woman, whom I have named, comes out of being unable to recognize me when she sees me further ignites my curiosity.

With this astonishment, I ride my iran train, which has a completely unique technological development, with different rules, in which the passengers take their shoes off and sit down and the official workers never wear a tie.

In the 72 hour I had the opportunity to examine my dreams, different human states, a reflection of the phenomenon of going and above all, the way I had never seen before. I can say that I left with a sadness from this train. For this reason, I suggest that people who are planning to travel to their inner world should go to Haydarpaşa and get a train ticket to the most remote location.

I have to say that it is a great reality that I felt all these thoughts in my head when I got off the train in Tehran without knowing the other train journeys that I would have to do inside Iran for two weeks and last during the night. To discuss the continuation article about Iran İran

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