tcd unimog

TCDD Unimog Vehicles Purchased

TCDD has been assigned to Samsun Railways among the vehicles with emergency response search and rescue features which will be used in different tasks according to the usage area of ​​its inventory throughout the country. [more…]

39 Italy

Private fast train Italo next time

It has been announced that the "NTV: Italo" high-speed trains, which were introduced in Italy last December, will start their flights on April 28. Luca di Montezemolo, President of the famous automobile brand Ferrari, Diego Della Valle, Gianni Punzo [more…]

34 Istanbul

Coast ring left TCDD objected

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council also approved the 2 stage plan that will implement Haydarpaşa Port Project. Approval stage of the plan aiming to turn Haydarpaşa and Harem region into a commercial and touristic center, Üsküdar [more…]


Railways open to private sector

A General Directorate of Railway Regulation will be established within the Ministry of Transport. Infrastructure service provider will be the Railways Business. Infrastructure users will be both private and public. End of monopoly in aviation and competition [more…]