The 4th Ordinary General Assembly of the Railway Transportation Association was held on 14 April 2012 at TCDD Fenerbahçe Training and Recreation Facilities. As a result of the General Assembly, which was held with enthusiasm with the intense participation of the members, the new Board of Directors and it was as follows. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Train accident in Niğde

12 people were slightly injured in the train accident that occurred in Niğde Ulukışla. According to the statement made by the General Directorate of State Railways, the Central Anatolian Blue train number 05.10, which makes the Arifiye-Adana flight today, at 11126, while stopping at Ulukışla Gar, [more…]


YHT will also reach Kars

Kars Foundation's "goose dinner" night in Ankara brought together many names from the political and business world. Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım, who attended the night, stated that the project that will bring the high-speed train to Kars is at the top of the list of 2023 targets. [more…]

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Ankara-Yozgat and Sivas high-speed train works are under way

The construction work continues rapidly on the Yerköy-Sivas line, the first phase of the high-speed train project, the foundation of which was laid on March 13, 2009, and is planned to reach Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas and the Turkish Republics. When the project, which was tendered for 850 million TL, is completed, Yozgat-Ankara [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. 11 firm will compete for bridge

Istanbul will be built Strait, 3 bridge Astaldi from including in Italy for tender and Salini SPA from South Korea's POSCO, Turkey's Park Holding, MAPA, STFA, involving companies such as Güriş which 11 companies received the specifications. Will be built on the Bosphorus [more…]


Commission established for railway in Rize

A working group will be established under the chairmanship of Hamit Turna, a member of the Board of Directors of Rize City Council. Commission 18.04.2012 was announced on Wednesday at Rize Municipality Council Hall. Various non-governmental organizations in Rize [more…]


Binali Yildirim told about his dream

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım said, "The railways we have longed for for half a century will continue to take the burden of people again." Speaking at the "traditional goose meal" event organized by the Kars Foundation at the Sheraton Hotel, Minister Yıldırım said that [more…]

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Gürsu President of the Chamber of Agriculture

Kamil Dönmez, President of Gürsu Chamber of Agriculture… “I feel the frustration of not being able to make sense of being so mocked by this society. It is played with Ankara-oriented and Gürsu collaborators, the high-speed train project, and the efforts of the people. We are against the station, not the fast train. To the heart of Gürsu Plain [more…]

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Where will the Metro in Istanbul pass?

Which districts will the metro pass in Istanbul? : New metro lines were determined in Istanbul. Here is the list of 30 districts where the Istanbul metro will pass according to the latest determinations Beyoğlu - Şişli Havaray Line: 58 km Per hour: 33 thousand people Dudullu - Bostancı [more…]

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Dutch Top Managers Special Train Schedules

With the cooperation of TCDD-Netherlands Institute of Higher Education (NIHA), two separate special trains were put on the Kayseri-Ankara and Ankara-Arifiye tracks for Dutch senior executives. In a written statement made by TCDD Press and Public Relations Consultancy, the first of the private trains is from Kayseri. [more…]