Private fast train Italo next time

It was announced that the "NTV: Italo" high-speed trains, which were introduced in Italy last December, will start their services on April 28th. "Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori: NTV", the railway enterprise founded by the President of the famous automobile brand Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, as well as Diego Della Valle, Gianni Punzo and Giuseppe Sciarrone, will be on April 4, after 28 years of preparation. will start the voyages.
"Italo", the new generation high-speed train of "NTV" company, will make trips between Naples and Milan, including Rome, Florence, Bologna, on August 26, Salerno, October 27, Venice and December 8. It has been reported that Turin will be added to these flights as new lines.
It was noted that ticket prices for flights between Rome and Milan will start from 30 Euros until September.
The company's target 3 annually, 9 million passengers said to carry.
- The features of the new high-speed train
It was stated that the "Italo" high-speed train, which is 98 percent made of edible materials by the French company Alstöm, can speed 360 kilometers per hour, but will not exceed this speed as it is not allowed to exceed 300 km in Italy. It was stated that a high-speed train set consisting of 11 wagons cost 25 million Euros.
"NTV" company will serve its passengers by dividing a train set of 11 wagons into 4 different categories. According to the services offered by the wagons; It is divided into 3 main categories as "Club, Prima and Smart". In addition to these 3 main categories, a "Cinema" wagon is also considered for passengers, where the movies in the theaters can be watched. The train set for 11 wagons is capable of carrying 450 passengers at a time.
The fact that the private sector high-speed train "Italo", which will rival the high speed train "Frecciarossa" of the Italian state railways, is starting its flights was interpreted in the Italian press as the end of the state monopoly in the railways and the beginning of the competition.

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