Intercity Railways

Aircraft comfort comes to regional lines at TCDD

TCDD is replacing the concept of long-distance locomotive-wagon operation with the introduction of high-tech diesel train sets. On the trains capable of speeding 140 kilometers per hour, passenger type can be adjusted as requested by the passenger, LCD screen [more…]


Sanliurfa Railway Approaches to the End

A meeting was held in Şanlıurfa regarding the railway route and logistics center to be built within the scope of the GAP Action Plan. According to the statement made by the press office of the Governorship, under the chairmanship of Governor Celalettin Güvenç, with the participation of experts from the General Directorate of Railways. [more…]

971 United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Will Have A Smaller Metro Network

Plans have been amended for Abu Dhabi's metro network project, greatly shortening the length of the line. While considering the length of the line as 130 km in the first plans, it was decided to make the line as 70 km by making a change. [more…]

48 Poland

Poland Krakow Train Station Works Postponed

Krakow main train station will not be completed in time for the European Football Championship in June. New estimates are based on the completion of the renovation project in late August or early September. Although the works are carried out under the execution program [more…]