01 Adana

Adana Rail Theft

Adana Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams, one of the two suspects detained for allegedly cutting off the idle rails reportedly arrested. According to a statement from the Governorship of Adana, 20 was located in the vicinity of Sirkeli Village in Ceyhan District in April. [more…]

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1 America

The world's 6 hourly train

evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) (Vacuum Tube Train) will be the fastest train in the world. Considered the transportation technology of the future and will be the fastest train in the world, “Evacuated Tube Transport” (ETT) (Vacuum Tube Train) [more…]

06 Ankara

17 offered to the capital

Gülermak-Kolin Business Partnership submitted the lowest bid with 17 million 186 thousand 235 euros in the Başkentray Project tender, in which 935 companies bid. ANKARA - Başkentray, which includes the reconstruction of the Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş train lines [more…]