TCDD Unimog Vehicles Purchased

tcd unimog
tcd unimog

TCDD has been devoted to the use of all types of vehicles in the region and in the Samsun Railways with emergency response search and rescue features. one of them has been allocated to the Locomotive Warehouse Directorate in the Gelemen Logistics Center in Samsun.

Features of this vehicle: It is an extremely modern vehicle that can switch to the railway instantly and continue from there, both on the highway and when desired, and in the event of an accident, it is a multi-directional image of the human search-scene of the accident, transferring the image to the relevant units with the microphone system and directing the units to intervene in accidents. In tunnels and closed work areas that work with marbling fuel, that is, smokeless fuel, which has the characteristics of delivering the crushing equipment and response team to the scene in a short time, non-poisoning non-smoking fuel is used.The cost of this vehicle is around 1 trillion for the old money, modernization of the railways is very much. TCDD fleets have become even stronger and modernized with the entry of these important vehicles into the inventory. I wish good luck and auspicious days.

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