Coast ring left TCDD objected

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the 2 project, which will implement the Haydarpaşa Port Project.

Of the Harem and Haydarpasa commercial and approval phase of the plan to transform into tourist attractions, Üsküdar Municipality was the scene of contention between the State Railways of the Republic of Turkey. Putting the last point in the fight between the two institutions, the IMM Council, with the decision passed by the majority of votes, the municipal service area planned to be built in the coastal region and the social facility area requested by TCDD were included in the plans as 'tourism and trade area'.

In the previous plan, TCDD social facilities and municipal service areas were proposed to cover the sea view, starting from the Harem and belonging to the TCDD. During this period, the Üsküdar Municipality, which opposed the construction of the coastline, also renounced its right and the entire coastal area remained as a public green space. TCDD, which stated that it has suffered economic loss in the project where 5 is planned for a billion-dollar investment, asked the Metropolitan Municipality to change the Municipal Service Area and Social Facility zoning on its plots.

According to the news of Fatma Aksu from Hürriyet Newspaper; Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara, who explained that they fight the areas that will walk on the beach in Üsküdar and see the beauty of Sarayburnu and Kızkulesi, said:

“45 thousand square meters of green space kazansteep. Like the Maltepe coastal road, Üsküdar will have a wide coastline. Let there be no presidential building here. Municipalities service. Mayors will not sit and watch the sea from their office. This view is needed by the people, not the presidents. We are already demolishing our existing building and moving it to Çavuşdere.”

Protection Board Kadıköy The plan was renewed after he approved the party and requested a change in Üsküdar. Municipal Reconstruction and Public Works Commission, TCDD owned land, tourism and trade area by taking the economic value kazanprovided the cost. The prepared plan was submitted to the IMM Assembly for final approval. The City Council accepted the commission's plan proposal with a majority of votes.

After the plan to be sent to the conservation boards is approved, the land will be transferred to the Privatization Administration and tendered through Build-Operate-Transfer or arrival sharing. When Haydarpaşa Port is completed, hotels, congress halls, shopping centers and a marina will be built and the region will be opened to tourism. Eagle-Kadıköy A light subway will be built between the Metro Line and Marmaray Station. The entire location of the Harem bus station will be the green area and recreation area. Cruise ships called floating hotels will approach Üsküdar.

Height is limited to two floors
In the new plan, the Municipal Service Area and Social Facilities, which were in the old plan, were abolished, and it was decided to build a mosque representing the 'Surre Regiments' in the place where the Ottoman sultans considered 'Harem Land'. In addition, IMM, which prepared a plan in line with the opinion of TCDD in the new plan, added a new plan note to the plans, limiting the construction right to 3 percent and the height to 2 floors.

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