Complementary Medicine in Cancer to be Discussed in Bursa

Complementary Type in Cancer Will Be Discussed in Bursa
Complementary Medicine in Cancer to be Discussed in Bursa

'Complementary Medicine in Cancer' will be discussed at the symposium organized by the Health Working Group, which continues its activities within the body of Bursa City Council. Bursa City Council Health Working Group is organizing a 'Complementary Medicine Practices in Cancer' symposium with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality. Sponsored by Medicana Hospital, BTSO and Bursa Cancer Control Association, the symposium will take place on 23-24 December at Merinos AKKM Hüdavendigar Hall. At the symposium, which will open at 23:09.00 on Friday, December XNUMX, academicians from various provinces of Turkey will talk about complementary medicine in cancer. Bursa City Council President Şevket Orhan said that they want to draw attention to traditional complementary medicine and that they aim to bring the subject to a good point with scientific studies. Orhan said, "We invite all our people to participate in the symposium."

Providing information about the details of the symposium, Bursa City Council Health Working Group Representative Prof. Dr. Sedat Demir stated that cancer is active today as it was in the past, and that it ranks second after circulatory system diseases in our country as well as in the world. Demir said, “Significant advances have been made in modern treatment, and most of the cancers have become curable. In our traditional Anatolian medicine and our own culture, there are great medical scholars such as İbn-i Sina and Farabi. It is obvious that traditional medicine practices and medical treatments, which we can call Anatolian medicine, are currently applied. As Bursa City Council Health Working Group, Complementary Medicine Practices in Cancer, which will take place on December 2-23 at Bursa Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Center, where specialist physicians and pharmacists will participate as speakers 'in order to research, discuss and evaluate the effects of complementary medicine practices on cancer'. We are organizing the Symposium," he said.

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