IETT Launches 'Artificial Intelligence' Era in Buses

The 'Artificial Intelligence Era' Has Begun in IETT Buses
IETT Launches 'Artificial Intelligence' Era in Buses

IETT has started a digital transformation for safe and comfortable travel on buses. With the artificial intelligence system developed with ISBAK, the driver; symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, and distraction can be detected instantly. By warning the driver audibly, instant information is transmitted to the center. The system will be installed on all 3 thousand 41 Private Public Buses by the beginning of the year.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) subsidiary IETT is establishing new systems for safe and comfortable travel. With the digital transformation project developed together with İBB subsidiary İSBAK, a new era begins in public transportation. With the developed project, artificial intelligence supported warning systems were installed on 2 thousand 950 Private Public Buses. With the smart system, which started to be installed in June 2021, the mood analysis, fatigue and distraction of the drivers can be detected instantly. Thanks to the 'artificial intelligence' that gives a voice warning to the driver, it is aimed to increase the safety of the journey. The system will be installed on all 3 thousand 41 Private Public Buses by the beginning of the year.


Mentioning that the 'Digital Transformation', which has been implemented, is the largest mobility project in the world, Şeref Can Ayata, Head of IETT Information Processing Department, shared the following information:

“With the face scanning system developed together with ISBAK, the driver's emotional state can be detected instantly. Thanks to the early warning system, passenger safety is aimed. In cases of violations, penal sanctions are applied automatically. Thanks to the system, 5 violations have been detected since June.”

This project, which aims to prevent accidents, also; It also includes features such as in-vehicle USB charging points for the comfort of passengers, larger travel information screens, an announcement and information system compatible with the mobile application for barrier-free access, and additional vehicle planning by detecting the number of passengers in the vehicle instantly.


Mesut Kızıl, General Manager of ISBAK, said, “With the project we signed with IETT, we developed an algorithm that detects with a camera that the driver is sleepy, not wearing a seat belt, or using a mobile phone. We follow the driver moment by moment through artificial intelligence-based DSM cameras. Thus, we are trying to ensure that the driver is more careful.”

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