The use of solar energy in schools is increasing

The use of solar energy in schools is spreading
The use of solar energy in schools is increasing

A school in Istanbul started to meet all of its energy from the sun. Bahçeşehir Tek Schools switched to the solar energy system, which is both environmentally friendly and economically advantageous.

1,5 solar panels installed on the roof of the school with a cost of 157 million TL produce approximately 100 thousand kilowatt-hours of energy per year. This system, which reduces 56 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, is equivalent to the regeneration of approximately 125 trees per year. Solar panels produced by CMA Energy will pay for itself in 4 years. In addition, new generations are introduced to agriculture by growing vegetables and fruits in the garden of the school, which provides education with the goal of "Zero waste" and "Clean energy", together with students of all ages.

Celal Serzan Timuçin, the founder of Bahçeşehir Tek Schools, said, “We started education in our own campus in Bahçeşehir, Istanbul in 2017. Our main goal is to raise modern citizens of the world who can effectively use at least one foreign language in their lives. We are the largest private school in the region with 5 thousand 500 square meters of indoor space and 6 thousand 500 square meters of open space. Therefore, we have a serious energy consumption. Now we get this energy from the sun. It has been our source of inspiration to leave a clean world for our children. With the solar energy panels we installed on the roof of the school, we can directly explain the importance of renewable energy for our country and the world to our students. Our students see and know the technology on the spot and become conscious. Clean energy and zero waste have become our most important vision and mission today, where global warming is increasing. The next generation's outlook on life will be very different. We are already supporting a generation that is compatible with the philosophy of the future. In the future, they will use clean energy in their own lives, homes and workplaces.” said.

Emphasizing that they also aim to raise awareness of agriculture among students, Timuçin said, “Children all live in the city, their contact with the soil is more important than it is thought. They can spend pleasant time with nature with various activities in the forest area of ​​our school, they can do their lessons in the garden, and they gain agricultural awareness by interacting with the soil. They have the opportunity to taste the vegetables and fruits that they produce and grow from seed. They work hard and experience the whole process themselves. Thus, they will merge with nature and environmental awareness will be formed. As they see how the vegetables and fruits they consume are grown and how much effort and effort this process requires, we convey to our students the importance of not wasting.” used the phrases.

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