Is Sustainable Earnings Possible in the Stock Exchange?

Is Sustainable Earnings Possible in the Stock Exchange?

MY BAGya Anyone who enters or is considering entering wants to make a profit on a regular basis. But in the last few years, both the index and crypto market The sharp rises that took place in the country now gave rise to different expectations. Accordingly, most of the people want to make a large amount of money at once rather than earning regular income from the stock market. However, this situation brings with it some risk factors that are contrary to realism and can result in frustration.

The stock market, by its nature, has a systematic tendency to rise. Only those with patience and some technical skills can make money during the ascension. People who focus on micro data and miss macro developments at this point cannot make money even if the stock market rises. Because trends It would be best to observe the formations and follow the stock market in a long-term way. Sustainable earnings are also possible at this point. Only 5% of intraday traders make profitable trades. It will always be more accurate to focus on sustainable income methods rather than trying to get into a limited percentile.

Methods of Making a Profit in the Stock Exchange

It is a big misconception that there is only one winner in the stock market and it is market makers. Of course, it is possible to profit from the stock market. But it is necessary to play the game by the rules and use the right metrics. Istanbul Stock Exchange or kripto Regardless, the basic operation of the stock markets is the same. What needs to be implemented to profit from the stock market is quite simple. Risk management is a philosophy that everyone who trades in financial instruments should know and include in their life. At this point hoisted It is essential to apply risk management whether crypto money is bought or not.

Risk management is; It is called making transactions by risking only a certain part of the total assets in the wallet. According to this; A person buying cryptocurrencies or stocks with an exchange wallet of 100 units only needs to spend 1 or 2 units of their wallet. Thus, it is possible to gain a great deal by dividing and dividing the risks. Of course, since the risk will be low, the gain will also be low, but at this point, big risks such as losing all the money will not be taken. In order to be profitable in the stock market and to stay on the water, it is necessary not to stay out of the game.

Risk Management Philosophy in the Stock Exchange

Risk management is called taking transactions with 1 or 2 percent of the total balance as mentioned above. This situation hoisted, bondshould be applied in the same way, regardless of currency or crypto. In this case, an increase of 50 percent in a purchased share is sustainable even though it offers a low profit opportunity when viewed as a total profit. But a currency/crypto/bought with half of the balancehoisted It is also necessary to consider the damage that will occur through it. A 1 percent decrease in a crypto money bought with 50 percent will not have an effect in general. However, 50 percent of a crypto money bought with 50 percent of the balance can cause uneasiness that will not even sleep at night.

It is possible to stay in the game for a longer time without leaving the risk management philosophy and by performing the transactions accordingly. In addition, people who set risk management to be 1 percent of the total balance will have 100 rounds. In this way, the person who always evaluates the opportunities first and does not lose his sleep in every share, crypto money or foreign currency he buys is the person who applies risk management. A balance that aims to grow over the years in accordance with the risk management philosophy should be considered. It is always healthier to increase the balance in a few years, not in a few days.

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