'Sleep Apnea' Test in 10 Questions

In the question 'Sleep Apnea Test
'Sleep Apnea' Test in 10 Questions

Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital Chest Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Sertaç Arslan explained the tricks of a healthy sleep, prepared a 10-question test to test whether you have sleep apnea (stopping breathing during sleep), and gave warnings and suggestions.

Chest Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Sertaç Arslan stated that it is necessary to pay attention to some rules in order to regulate the external factors that affect sleep quality and to provide the closest ideal environment to sleep, that is, to create sleep hygiene, and said, "The room to be slept in should be at a suitable temperature and dark, sound insulation should be provided, and the room to sleep should be used for activities such as exercise and watching television. It is of great importance for quality sleep not to use electronic devices such as tablets and phones before going to sleep, not to use comfortable sleeping clothes, not to do heavy exercise in the few hours before going to sleep, to limit the consumption of tea and coffee close to bedtime, to sleep at the same time every day," he said.

The division of sleep by respiratory arrests (apneas); Stating that a restful and regenerative sleep prevents sleep, Assoc. Dr. Sertac Arslan said:

“When the oxygenation of vital organs such as the brain, heart, liver and pancreas is impaired, some malfunctions occur in their functions over time. In untreated sleep apnea patients; Many problems such as high blood pressure, heart failure, memory problems, stroke, impaired blood sugar control, insulin resistance, which is popularly called hidden sugar, and obesity can occur at an early age. Sleep apnea patients are also much more likely to have a traffic accident while driving!”

Chest Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Sertaç Arslan said that some of these tests can be performed in a quiet single room in the hospital, and some of them can be performed in the patient's own room in his own home. Emphasizing that sleep apnea has different types depending on which stages of sleep it occurs, its relationship with the sleeping position or the problem that causes apnea, Assoc. Dr. For this reason, Sertaç Arslan pointed out that in the treatment of sleep apnea, medical support should be sought from sleep clinics experienced in this field with a multidisciplinary approach.

Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital Chest Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Sertaç Arslan stated that if your answers to the following questions are "yes" a lot, you may have a sleep apnea problem and that you should apply to an experienced sleep disorders clinic.

  1. Do you get sleepy after lunch?
  2. Do you close your eyes in places where it is necessary to be quiet, such as in the cinema and theater, or in meetings where you are not a speaker?
  3. with someone sohbet Do you suddenly feel sleepy while doing it?
  4. Do you fall asleep immediately when you start watching TV or reading a book?
  5. Do you feel sleepy while driving stop-and-go in congested traffic?
  6. Do you sleep on public transport such as buses, trains or planes that take longer than an hour?
  7. Has anyone ever told you that you snore while you sleep?
  8. Do you think your memory is starting to weaken?
  9. Are you complaining that you can't think as fast as you used to?
  10. Do you have trouble focusing on your work or matters that require attention?

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