Izmir Stray Animals Workshop Held
35 Izmir

İzmir Stray Animals Workshop Held

The workshop titled “It is Possible to Live Together”, organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to make decisions that facilitate the life of stray animals, has started. The workshop will end with the report to be prepared after the workshops tomorrow. Care and treatment of stray animals [more…]

Foundation of Gaziemir Youth Center Laid
35 Izmir

Foundation of Gaziemir Youth Center was laid

The foundation of the Youth Center, which will be built with the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Gaziemir Municipality, has been laid. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who brought his election promises to life one by one Tunç Soyeraddressed the youth in his speech at the ceremony. Soyer, [more…]

Citroen's EC Model in Turkey

Citroen's E-C4 Model in Turkey

Citroen offered the E-C4 model for sale in Turkey with a price advantage of 786 thousand TL, special for the launch. The 4 percent electric version of the Citroen C100, the e-C4, meets its customers at the same price as the gasoline C4. Electric Citroen [more…]

China Import and Export Fair Started
86 China

132nd China Import and Export Fair Started

The opening ceremony of the 132nd China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was held online today. Within the scope of the fair, the main theme of which is "the combination of dual circulation and internal and external circulation". [more…]

Automobiles of the Future at the Zero Waste Festival
41 Kocaeli

Cars of the Future at Zero Waste Festival

Zero Waste Festival organized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality at the Congress Center welcomes cars with the technology of the future. The cars exhibited in the foyer attract great attention. Developed by university students and returning with awards from every competition they participate in [more…]

Buca Prison Land Becomes Green Space
35 Izmir

Buca Prison Land Becomes Green Space

The plan prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was approved by the city council with a majority of votes, in order to bring the demolished Buca Prison land to the public with a predominantly green area. Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change [more…]

Izmir Theaters Meeting Begins
35 Izmir

2nd İzmir Theaters Meeting Begins

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality organizes İzmir Theaters Meeting for the second time. The meeting to be held in memory of the theater artist Suat Taşer will be held on Saturday, October 15th. Tunç SoyerIt starts with the cortege that . Izmir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]