Citroen's E-C4 Model in Turkey

Citroen's EC Model in Turkey
Citroen's E-C4 Model in Turkey

Citroen offered the E-C4 model for sale in Turkey with a price advantage of 786 thousand TL special for the launch. The 4 percent electric version of the Citroen C100, the e-C4, meets its customers at the same price as the gasoline C4. The electric Citroen e-C4 is being delivered to its first customers with a one-year free energy and wall-mounted charger gifts in cooperation with E-Şarj, especially for the launch period.

Citroen started to sell the electric version of the C4 model, the e-C4, at the same price as the 1.2 PureTech 130 HP Shine Bold EAT8 C4, for 786 thousand TL.

“Citroen e-C4 sets off with advantages that will encourage electric vehicle use”

Reminding that they started the electric mobility move of the brand with the Ami model, Citroen Turkey General Manager Selen Alkım said about their new models in the compact class; noted:

“While we started our retail sales, we made a rapid entry into the electric vehicles market by delivering the first Citroen e-C4 orders from our fleet customers. We believe that the Citroen e-C4 will be an important model that supports our vision to become a leading brand in the electric car market. For the Citroen e-C4, which we offer assertively to the Turkish market with the same sales price as the gasoline C4, we also offer purchasing and usage opportunities that encourage the use of electric cars, special for the launch period.”

E-C4, with its 100 kW fast charging battery, makes long journeys more stress-free. During long trips, it is sufficient to charge the vehicle. The battery can be charged up to 30 percent in 80 minutes.

In vehicles with internal combustion engines, cabin heating is provided by utilizing the heat of the exhaust gas coming out of the engine. Since there is no internal combustion engine in electric vehicles, there is no exhaust gas that can be used to adjust the interior temperature of the cabin. For this reason, when the electricity stored directly in the battery is used for cabin air conditioning, the range is negatively affected.

In order to prevent this situation in electric vehicles, a heat pump is used. Thanks to the heat pump, the electricity stored in the battery is not used for air conditioning in the cabin, instead the temperature of the outside air is increased or decreased by changing the pressure value. The outside air, whose temperature is changed, can also be used to heat or cool the air inside the cabin. Aiming to offer maximum range to its users, the e-C4 has a high efficiency heat pump as standard.

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