truck scales
Guest Post

Professional Address in Belt Scale Production

Weighing and measuring systems are extremely important in terms of doing all the work correctly. Especially in the measurement of the production area, finished and semi-finished products, it is essential to measure the product weights perfectly. The measure used in this process [more…]

Hyundai's Electric N Move RNe
82 Korea (South)

Electric N Move from Hyundai: RN22e

N, the sub-brand of Hyundai established for performance models, has also taken over the electrics after the gasoline models. Based on the IONIQ 6, the RN22e will create awareness among performance EV models in the very near future. [more…]

A Giant Project Spor Van Started
65 Van

A Giant Project Spor Van Started

Van Governor Ozan Balcı attended the opening ceremony of the “Sports Van Project”, which is one of the prestige projects of Van and will contribute greatly to the infrastructure of sports. Together with the skaters and cyclists who welcomed him to the ceremony area [more…]

Inadequate Train Services Hurt Citizens
06 Ankara

Inadequate Train Services Hurt Citizens!

CHP Istanbul Deputy Dr. Ali Şeker, in his speech to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, about the scarcity and low capacity of the train services throughout the country, especially the train services between Istanbul and Ankara. [more…]

New Term at CRR Composition Academy
34 Istanbul

New Era at CRR Composition Academy

Did you know that music education is given at Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall? CRR concert is not a place that opens doors and closes when it's over. CRR Concert Hall, affiliated to the IMM Culture Department, is literally a culture. [more…]

Young Campers Will Meet for Water in Olivelo
35 Izmir

Young Campers Will Meet for Water in Olivelo

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its awareness projects on the climate crisis and the importance of water. Youth at the Metropolitan Municipality Olivelo Living Park on 14-15-16 October with the theme of “Youth Talks the Most Important Issue of the World” [more…]