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Most Used Sohbet site

Sohbet siteleri They are sites that have existed almost since the day the internet was opened to general use and are still used today. Especially these days when the internet and technological tools are more common than ever before. [more…]

Tips for Saving Electricity

Tips for Saving Electricity in Winter

Comparison site has announced saving tips that can be done both due to the early darkening of the weather with the arrival of the winter months and because the increase in the need for heating with the colder weather causes more electricity consumption. [more…]

Student Teacher Support System Launched

Student Teacher Support System Launched

The Student-Teacher Support System (ÖDS), which aims to increase academic success by providing students with individualized education and teachers the opportunity to monitor their students, and to meet the needs in this field with content filtered by experts, was put into practice. National [more…]

Billion TL Support to Women Farmers

10 Billion TL Support to Women Farmers

Within the scope of rural development and crediting programs by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, approximately 280 billion TL support was given to 643 thousand 10 female farmers, and thousands of people were employed. women in agriculture, food production [more…]

Hyundai Announces the Roadmap of the Future
82 Korea (South)

Hyundai Announces Future Roadmap

Hyundai Motor Group has announced its new global strategy to transform all its vehicles into “Software Defined Vehicles” by 2025. Hyundai is poised to usher in an unprecedented era in mobility with its industry-leading initiative. to customers [more…]

Finding Electrical Failure in Steps

How to Find Electrical Fault in 7 Steps

Electrical faults in the home can put your family in serious danger if the problem is not isolated and repaired immediately. On average in Istanbul, electrical breakdowns cause 11 worker deaths per year, so you can see the risk these breakdowns can put your family at risk. [more…]

A First Simulator Crane Training in Turkey
33 Mersin

A First 'Crane Simulator Training' in Turkey

Within the scope of the Logistics Vocational Training Center Project, the young people who completed the practical simulator crane operator training and the theoretical logistics and industrial equipment training were given their certificates at a ceremony. Çukurova Development Agency (ÇKA) Supporting Social Development [more…]

Istanbulkart Brings ISPARK Payments to Mobile
34 Istanbul

ISPARK Pays With Istanbulkart Mobile

Istanbulkart, which Istanbulites do not spare in public transportation, continues to make city life easier. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary BELBİM A.Ş and İSPARK A.Ş signed a new campaign. October 5 – November 5 [more…]

Digital Transformation in Izmir's Public Transport System
35 Izmir

Digital Transformation in Izmir's Public Transport System

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality facilitated the city's public transportation system with the slogan of “Beautiful Izmir's smart card”. Now, passengers will be able to use public transportation vehicles with the application they can download free of charge to their phones without their Izmirim Card. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]