Cars of the Future at Zero Waste Festival

Automobiles of the Future at the Zero Waste Festival
Cars of the Future at Zero Waste Festival

Zero Waste Festival organized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality at the Congress Center welcomes cars with the technology of the future. The cars exhibited in the foyer attract great attention. Electromobile vehicles developed by university students and returning with awards from every competition they participated in, toured the fairground in the evening of the first day.


Kocaeli University ElectriCAR, Turkish Mechatronics Bilge, Turkish Mechatronics Guide electromobile vehicles and Bursa Uludağ University UMAKİT Hydromobile Vehicle, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences SUBÜ-TETRA electromobile vehicle, Sakarya University Energy Technologies Community electromobile vehicle participating in the TÜBİTAK Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races Participation in the Zero Waste Festival provided.


With the electromobiles showcased at the Zero Waste Festival, it is aimed to enable students to gain knowledge and experience in vehicle technologies. With the investment made in electromobile technology, students are encouraged to have the opportunity to research on the subject and follow the developments in the world. Introducing the vehicles they developed at the festival, the university students express that they want to expand the use of alternative and clean energy sources in the automotive industry and to raise awareness about the use of alternative energies in vehicle technologies.

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