Victory Journey from Afyon to Izmir Continues
35 Izmir

'Victory March' from Afyon to Izmir Continues

The Victory and Remembrance March from Afyon to Izmir, organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of the city, continues with all its enthusiasm on its third day. By passing the 15-kilometer Çiğiltepe, Kırka, Akçaşar track, you will reach the Afyon stage. [more…]

Army's Victory Medal Rusamat No. Ship
52 Army

Army's Victory Medal: Ship Rusamat No:4

The 30th anniversary of the August 100 Victory Day, the day when the Turkish army expelled the invading forces from Anatolian lands, is celebrated. However, during the National Struggle, the Turkish army, which protected the Rusumat ship, which carried weapons to the Turkish Army, from enemy ships. [more…]

Historical Sultan Hani Opened to Tourism
38 Kayseri

Historical Sultan Inn Opened to Tourism

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç brought together the Seljuk monument Sultan Han in Bünyan with KAYTUR services within 20 days and brought it to tourism. Speaking at the historical inn and visiting the Sultan Han and the region, the future of tourists [more…]

Steady Rise in Operational Car Rental Continues

Steady Rise in Operational Car Rental Continues

The umbrella organization of the car rental industry, All Car Rental Organizations Association (TOKKDER) has prepared the 'TOKKDER Operational Rental Sector Report', which includes the first half results of 2022, prepared in cooperation with the independent research company NielsenIQ. [more…]

Diseases That Sedentary Life Leads to

Diseases Caused by Sedentary Life

Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Prof. Dr. Şule Arslan, among the behaviors that pose a health risk such as tobacco and alcohol consumption, overeating, and inactivity, are the most common ones with "excess weight". [more…]

Tramways Are Free During Samsun TEKNOFEST
55 Samsun

Trams Free During TEKNOFEST in Samsun

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality made trams free of charge during TEKNOFEST. Citizens who will go to Tekkeköy station by tram will also be transported to TEKNOFEST area free of charge. Final preparations for TEKNOFEST, which will open its doors tomorrow [more…]

Obesity Treatment

Obesity Treatment with Clinic Care Center

With its Clinic Care Center, it is accepted as a reference center in the world in the field of obesity and metabolic surgery. With our team of experienced physicians, high patient experience and our team specialized in Obesity Surgery, multidisciplinary [more…]