Silenin's Water and Infrastructure Problem Has Ended
34 Istanbul

Şile's Water and Infrastructure Problem Ended

İBB strengthened the inadequate infrastructure of Şile, which hosts visitors 20 times more than its population in the summer months, with huge investments. With an investment of 340 million, the district has acquired waste water, rain water and drinking water infrastructure. [more…]

Public Housing Project Signed for the Second Phase
35 Izmir

Public Housing Project Signed for the Second Phase

The cooperative model that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started for the first time in Turkey for earthquake victims in Izmir continues to make people smile. Cicek Hanım Apartment, which was demolished after the residents of Dilber Apartment in the Halk Housing project, was risky. [more…]

Puff Points of Healthy Teeth

Tips for Healthy Teeth

In order to have healthy and beautiful teeth, it is necessary to pay attention to many points. Doç.Dr.Erol Akın gave information about the subject. ATTENTION TO DENTAL SENSITIVITY! Tooth sensitivity is one of the dental problems experienced by many people. [more…]

SMS Confirmation Virtual Number

SMS Confirmation & Virtual Number

Today, the use of virtual numbers has reached an indispensable point. The biggest reason for this is that users turn to this service instead of using and sharing their personal numbers. With the rapid development of technology, every day [more…]

Fun and Level Sohbet

Fun and Level Sohbet

Sohbet siteleri There is a platform that has been operating on the internet for many years. With the development of internet use and technology sohbet siteleri also included important developments in service contents. With this development [more…]

The Venice of Anatolia, a New Record in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

New Record in Eskişehir, Venice of Anatolia

Gondola tours in the Porsuk Stream, which attracted great attention of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, became the favorite of local and foreign tourists. Welcoming approximately 47 thousand guests between May and August, the gondolas make tens of thousands of tours in Porsuk. [more…]

TEI Odule Can't Get Enough
26 Eskisehir

TEI Can't Get Enough of Rewards

Turkey's leading company in aviation engines, TEI continues its success by winning a total of 10 awards from national and international platforms with the applications it has commissioned in the Human Resources and Corporate Communication processes. In all categories in 2021 [more…]

Cyprus' Domestic Car GUNSEL Will Be Released to the World

Cyprus' Domestic Car GÜNSEL Will Open to the World

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel and the Council of Ministers visited the TRNC's domestic car, GÜNSEL, and got information about the mass production activities and future plans. Members of the Council of Ministers; Before the meeting, GÜNSEL, which was converted into official vehicles, [more…]

Unknown Benefits of Asure

Unknown Benefits of Ashura

Acıbadem Dr. Sinasi Can (Kadıköy) Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Tuba Sungur listed the benefits of ashura. Ashura, the symbol of abundance, sharing and unity; thanks to the legumes, nuts and dried fruits in its content. [more…]

Consciousness of Consumers Shapes Packaging Designs

Consumers' Subconscious Shapes Packaging Designs

In traditional research methods developed to understand the purchasing decisions of consumers, it is determined that people generally tend to express themselves differently than they are. The neuromarketing technique developed to eliminate this illusion, the motivations of customers, [more…]

Casperdan New Business Computer Nirvana M

New Business PC from Casper: 'Nirvana M400'

Casper announced that the business computer Nirvana M400, which it produced to increase productivity and provide the technological solutions needed in process management, is on sale. Computers that are powerful and can go beyond expectations for organizations [more…]

Jinn Launches Chuangxin Satellite Successfully
86 China

China Successfully Launches Chuangxin-16 Satellite

The Chuangxin-16 satellite, developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was launched by the Kuaizhou-10A carrier rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 36:1 today. The satellite was placed in the projected orbit, the launch mission was successfully completed. satellite, scientific experiments, new [more…]