Army's Victory Medal: Ship Rusamat No:4

Army's Victory Medal Rusamat No. Ship
Army's Victory Medal Rusamat No4 Ship

The 30th anniversary of the August 100 Victory Day, the day when the Turkish army expelled the invading forces from Anatolian lands, is celebrated. However, the people of Ordu, who protected the Rüsumat ship, which carried weapons to the Turkish Army during the National Struggle, from enemy ships, took the weapons taken to the Turkish army in their custody, and helped the ship to reach İnebolu port by refloating the sunk ship, celebrate the enthusiasm of victory with another meaning and pride.


While trying to catch the ships carrying ammunition to the front for the War of Independence, Rüsumat No: 4, which dodges the enemy ships patrolling in the Black Sea, was in an effort to bring two cannons and 350 chests of ammunition loaded from Batumi to İnebolu. Rusumat, who survived the enemy ships, arrived in Ordu on 17 August. Against the danger of the guns being caught at any moment, the people of Ordu displayed an interesting example of solidarity that went down in history. First, the guns on the ship were taken from the ship with the solidarity of the people and taken to a warehouse by forming a bridge by bringing the guns side by side. After the weapons were unloaded, Rusumat was sunk. The enemy ships that came to the Army, thinking that a sinking ship had lost its function, retreated. After the enemy ships left, the people of Ordu again floated the ship with historical solidarity. The engine has been renewed. The weapons in the warehouse were reloaded on the ship by making a pier by bringing the swaps side by side. Rusumat moved from Ordu to the port of İnebolu. The Great Offensive was carried out with the weapons delivered to the fronts from İnebolu by road. The offensive, which started on 26 August 1922 under the command of the Commander-in-Chief, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, ended in victory on 30 August 1922. With this victory, Anatolian lands were cleared from the invading forces.


The Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who brought this heroic epic, which was revealed by the people of Ordu a century ago, from the dusty shelves of history. Mehmet Hilmi Güler, working with a special team, rolled up his sleeves to transfer the Rüsumat No: 4 epic to future generations. At the end of the months of work, the Rüsumat No:4 Ship and its museum, which was built in the same dimensions by making use of historical sources, on the Altınordu coast Moonlight Square, where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk landed during his arrival in Ordu with the Hamidiye Cruiser, is a century-old ship. reliving the epic of enthusiasm and heroism.


Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler pointed out that August 30 is a victory that emerged as a result of heroic works not only in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, but also in the Black Sea. President Güler said that with Rüsumat No: 4, Ordu had an important share in this heroic epic.

President Güler continued his words as follows:

“We are extremely happy to have the hero ship, which we call Rusumat No: 4, in our Army. Our Metropolitan Municipality built the same ship. We have also implemented the practice that reveals the heroic work of our people there. Our Army has made a very good contribution to both the maritime of our country and the world at the point of transporting the ammunition, refloating the ship and putting it back into service. We already see that the ship will attract a lot of attention. Although we did not make its official opening, it has become the focus of close attention of domestic and foreign tourists. This shows how accurate our work is. August 30 is a victory that emerged as a result of heroic work not only in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, but also in the Black Sea. Therefore, the fact that we have our share of this honor also pleases the people of Ordu and the people of the Black Sea.”

Günceleme: 29/08/2022 14:33

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