Why Did Famous Rapper Selim Muran Die? Who is Selim Muran, where is he from, how old is he?

Famous Rapper Selim Muran Caused Who Is Selim Muran Where From Where
Why Famous Rapper Selim Muran Died Who is Selim Muran, Where is he from, How old is he?

The news of the death of Selim Muran, one of the favorite names of the rap world, caused great sadness. After many famous rappers shared on social media, the details of Selim Muran's life began to be investigated. So who is Selim Muran? How old is Selim Muran and why did he die? What are Selim Muran songs? Here are the details…

It was learned that Selim Muran, who has been in the process of losing weight since last year and had stomach surgery in this process, passed away. The health problems of Selim Muran, one of the popular names of Turkish rap, started to increase after the operation. His friend, musician Fuat Ergin, shared the news of the death of Selim Muran, who learned that he died as a result of a clot in his brain.

Born in Siirt, Selim Muran was introduced to rap music in 2000. Muran, a graduate of Istanbul Aydın University Radio and Television Programming, established his home studio 2007 Records in 56.

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