Weather Forecast Methods
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Professional Weather Forecast Methods

A new weather forecast pages have been added to the worldwide broadcast. goes live. The website reaches visitors with an expert team. To provide the most accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts for all countries. [more…]

Million TL Savings A Year With Ovit Tunnel
53 Rize

15.5 Million TL Savings A Year With Ovit Tunnel

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure emphasized that with the Ovit Tunnel, which provides uninterrupted transportation between Rize and Erzurum for 12 months, an annual saving of 15.5 million liras has been achieved. In the statement made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, [more…]

TAV Airports Renewed Contract

TAV Airports Renewed Contract

TAV Airports Holding A.Ş renewed its corporate governance principles compliance rating agreement. In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), TAV Airports Holding Corporate Governance Committee, SAHA Corporate Governance and Credit Rating Services [more…]

Kickboxing Lesson in the Jungle
34 Istanbul

Kickboxing Lesson in the Jungle

Women who do sports in Bağcılar Municipality Göztepe Sports Complex on weekdays prefer the open air at weekends. The women who came together in the Belgrad Forest Kirazlıbent Nature Park and Recreation Area [more…]

Musical Halls at Ataturk Cultural Center
34 Istanbul

'Muzikhaller' at Atatürk Cultural Center

The actors of the Istanbul State Theater are bringing together the unforgettable songs and operettas that have taken their place in Turkish musical history with the audience once again with “Muzikhaller”. Musichaller, directed by Can Şıkyıldız and supervised by Elif Erdal and Mine Tüfekçioğlu, is Turkish [more…]

For a Greener Izmir, Buca Yedigoller Revived
35 Izmir

Buca Yedigöller Revived for a Greener Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality gave a brand new look to Yedigöller, the symbol of Buca. Examining the works that have come to the last stage, President Tunç Soyer renovated one of the important recreation and green areas of İzmir and brought it to the city. kazanexperience the joy of climbing [more…]