President Erdogan Repeats Denizli's Railway Demand

President Erdogan Repeated Denizli's Railway Demand
President Erdogan Repeats Denizli's Railway Demand

Denizli Platform, Denizli Chamber of Commerce (DTO) President Uğur Erdoğan sözcüheld its first meeting of the new period, in the DTO service building. In his evaluation of the meeting, President Erdoğan said, “At our meeting, we discussed what we should do for our city and sectors this term and determined our priority agenda. Thanks to our platform members who participated and expressed their opinions. We will continue to work for our common denominator, Denizli, with all our strength, hand in hand," he said.

Professional chambers and non-governmental organizations that are members of the Denizli Industrialists, Traders and Businessmen Platform, known as Denizli Platform in public, came together in the meeting room in the DTO service building. The first meeting of the new term, the new Term SözcüIt was held under the management of Ugur Erdogan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DTO. Period SözcüIn the opening speech of the meeting, Erdoğan thanked the members of the platform for their participation. Erdoğan said, “We hope that there will always be broad participation in order to make the Denizli Platform more effective, competent and stronger in this period. When it is not, it becomes difficult to solve even the smallest problems. If we want a strong platform, there needs to be good engagement. We are open to all ideas. This term, I would like to proceed in a slightly different way. We would like to express all the issues that will come to the agenda on this platform, together in the necessary places. No matter what subject is spoken about our city, he will now take the platform bag in his hand, go to the relevant places and authorities and tell about it. I believe we will be more effective if this is the case. For example, if the relevant ministry is Transport, we will go to the Ministry of Transport with our heads and tell our problems. If it is related to trade, we will go to the Ministry of Commerce, if it is related to agriculture, we will go to the Ministry of Agriculture. If we do this, I think we can be more effective. It was communicated to us prior to the meeting so that the issue of plane flights would be on our agenda. In addition, we would like to solve the problem of Denizli's railway transportation, which I want to bring to the agenda, in this process. We have stated this many times everywhere; We also carried it to our President. I hope we will convey this matter to our Minister of Transport as soon as possible… Our railway is our only line, especially as far as Aydın-Selçuk; we'll take a quick look at how to translate a double error for once. Again, as Denizli Platform, we will deal with this issue and decide and dwell on it, especially for direct access to the ports without any transfers," he said.


After the speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Denizli Chamber of Commerce, Uğur Erdoğan, other NGO representatives also expressed their views on different issues.


Denizli Platform Period SözcüIn his evaluation of the meeting, Uğur Erdoğan said, “Our Denizli Platform has completed the first meeting of its new term. He decided on his priority agenda and what to do. Our Platform, Period SözcüIt will continue to convey what is needed in all fields, from transportation to tourism, from industry to agriculture, by acting as a whole in our division. Our non-governmental organizations, members of our Denizli Platform, mobilized for the needs and expectations of Denizli. Every step we will take from now on will be to reach the better and more beautiful as soon as possible. We will convey the issues and priorities of our city to all relevant places as soon as possible.

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