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Weather Forecast Methods
Weather Forecast Methods

A new worldwide broadcast weather forecast Added prediction pages. goes live. The website reaches visitors with an expert team.

Aiming to provide the most accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts for all countries, the site currently offers its visitors 7-day weather data for Germany, Austria and Indonesia.

The officials of the site, which broadcasts in three languages, said that the pages of other countries will be published in their own language in the coming days. The site contains the latest weather forecast data for settlements in simple, understandable graphics.

Published by a strong editorial team, the site, as well as settlements, zip codes and population data weather forecast Provides general information about If they wish, they can easily promote their villages or towns by sharing information about where they live without becoming a member.

For many years, weather forecasts were based on local station measurements. Because this data includes forecast results on a local basis, there may be problems in getting accurate results in long-term forecasts. However, with the introduction of satellite technology in recent years, more accurate results can be obtained for daily and weekly weather forecasts. The website also offers forecast results from the world's most reputable data centers, which typically use satellite measurements and high-end products. Weather forecasts show the hottest and coldest degrees of the day, humidity and wind rates for 7 days. In addition to all these, instant settlement weather events are published with hourly updates. In other words, you can follow the current temperature value and climate event of a village, city or any settlement you want to visit on the website.

In addition to state or city climate data, you can also access forecast data for small settlements such as villages, neighborhoods, and cities.

While the site officials present the weather data to their visitors, they state that they come with a simpler and more understandable page layout instead of complex graphics and incomprehensible page layout, and therefore their site is preferred by the visitors.

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