Buca Yedigöller Revived for a Greener Izmir

For a Greener Izmir, Buca Yedigoller Revived
Buca Yedigöller Revived for a Greener Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality gave a brand new look to Yedigöller, the symbol of Buca. Examining the works that have come to the last stage, President Tunç Soyer renovated one of the important recreation and green areas of İzmir and brought it to the city. kazanStating that they experience the happiness of climbing, he said, "We keep our promises, we bring the people of Izmir together with green and nature."

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality revived Buca Yedigöller, which was worn out as a result of intense use. Examining the renovation works, which have reached the final stage, with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Özgür Ozan Yılmaz, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “The 180 thousand square meter Dr. After Behçet Uz Recreation Area, we are happy to renovate one of the city's most important green areas of 90 thousand square meters. When we took office, we said that we would increase the amount of green in the city and bring nature together with our citizens more in the city. We keep our promises. Yedigöller, with its renewed face, will be a life center where our citizens who come to visit this region and Buca will breathe and our youth and children will do sports”.

The project, prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department, was carried out by the Departments of Parks and Gardens, Science and Construction Works.

Rain gardens at 3 points

In order to reduce the effects of the global climate crisis and to use water resources efficiently, 7 ponds in the recreation area were reduced to 3 and the amount of green space was increased by 3 thousand square meters. Isolation work in the ponds was completed and the ponds were animated with water games. Rain gardens were created in 3 ponds that are out of use. It is planned to save on irrigation by planting plants that consume less water in rain gardens.

The playing field has been increased to 2

Within the scope of the works that started in March, the playground and playgrounds in the recreation area were renewed. A closed pond is also arranged to bring young people and children together with different sports activities. Thus, 2 thousand square meters of children's playgrounds are added to the recreation area. kazanit gets raised. The bridge connecting Dede Korkut Street and Ali Şir Nevai Street in the area was repaired and its towers were painted. Guardrails were built at some points in the area for security purposes. The 500-meter-long tartan track was put into service for walking and jogging.

greener more lively

With the arrangement works of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2 viewing terraces in the recreation area where citizens can relax and watch the scenery with pleasure. kazanyelled. A road was created from the plant tunnel between the square and the existing wedding hall. 54 thousand 257 shrubs and ground cover plants and 166 trees including ornamental pear, Anatolian oak, London plane tree, ornamental apple, redbud, sycamore-leaved mulberry and lilac were planted in the area. Another 252 trees and 500 bushes will be planted in the area. The floor of the existing square and the slate stone floor in the entire area were renewed. Teams continue to work on the arrangement of rest and picnic areas.

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