WorldFood Istanbul Continues to Grow in Its 30th Year

WorldFood Continues to Grow in Istanbul
WorldFood Istanbul Continues to Grow in Its 30th Year

Organized by Hyve Group, the International Food Fair, one of the most important meeting points of the food industry, World Food Istanbul, will bring the latest developments that shape the food industry to the agenda in 2022 in cooperation with important institutions and organizations in the industry. The fair, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary, received high demand in 2021 due to the commercial success created by the participants and companies. This year, nearly 700 domestic and foreign exhibitors took their place in WorldFood Istanbul 2022 to meet with tens of thousands of visitors.

Retail chains, beverages, milk and dairy products, meat and chicken products, fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood, frozen products, basic foods and oils, sugary products, bakery products, cereals and nuts, many brands and manufacturers will be at the Fair. will be.

The fair, which is the leader and cooperation platform in the food industry of Turkey and Eurasia, continues its preparations in 2022, as every year, to bring together the participants with the buyers from abroad.

WorldFood Istanbul, which has been the meeting point of food and beverage manufacturers and Turkey's leading buyers for 29 years, offers an ideal environment for foreign companies to explore the Turkish food industry, connect with important people and buyers in the industry, and promote their products.

WorldFood Istanbul 2022 will host important buyers from different parts of the world, within the framework of its strong cooperation with İHBİR. More than 400 invited buyers, mainly from important regions such as the Middle East, North Africa (MENA), Balkan Countries, CIS Countries, South & North American Countries, Southeast Asia, will be hosted at the fair as part of WorldFood Istanbul this year.

WorldFood Istanbul Fair Director Semi Benbanaste pointed out that the Turkish food industry is growing every year and said, “In 2021, we organized a very important fair for the food industry and the Turkish economy. Last year, on September 9-12, we hosted 29 invited buyers from 40 countries at our fair, which reached the most successful figures in its 179-year history. While the 29th WorldFood Istanbul was the fair with the highest volume in terms of square meters in its history, it reached the highest number of visitors with 22 visitors. This year, we filled 800 halls with 700 exhibitors and will host more than 10 hosted buyers. While we are very happy to see that we have reached such high figures, we are also very excited about the contribution we will make to the country's economy.” used his statements.

The Food Arena Event Program, which will be held simultaneously with the fair, will provide visitors and participants with market predictions, technological developments, and sustainable good examples for the upcoming period regarding the sector, which is constantly changing due to the deteriorating supply-demand balance in the supply chain throughout Turkey and the climate crisis affecting the whole world. getting ready.

In 4 panels to be held over 10 days; Sustainable economy, fight against food waste, preventive health, online & offline marketplace trends, responsible food movement, safe food, women's empowerment in agriculture will be discussed. Many good examples will be presented to the sector by in-depth conversations with nearly 40 names and collaborations that shape the sector.

Chefs Özlem Mekik and Elif Korkmazel will visit the fair participant companies and supply the necessary products for the recipes they will prepare for the Kitchen Workshops, which will be held in cooperation with the Cooks Association and under the sponsorship of Öztiryakiler kitchen, and then, with these innovative products and new techniques, they will recreate the brand flavors of the Turkish Cuisine and aim for healthy and reliable products. They will provide information and share zero waste kitchen tips.

With the occupation of Ukraine by Russia, significant problems emerged in agriculture and food supply and trade. Ukraine and Russia are the world's most important producer and exporter countries, especially in grain and cereal products. With the war, problems began to be experienced in the export of agricultural and food products of both countries. Accordingly, the increase in world food prices has accelerated and supply security has become critical, and supply channels have begun to change in many products.

Turkey is an important producer and exporter country in agricultural and food products under these conditions. Turkey's exports of agricultural and food products increased by 19,7 percent in the first half of the year compared to the same period of the previous year. Exports of animal products and fishery products increased by 33,9 percent, exports of cereals, pulses, oilseeds and products increased by 31,5 percent and exports of fruit and vegetable products increased by 23,3 percent. Olive and olive oil exports increased by 2022 percent in the first half of 41,5 and reached 193,1 million dollars.

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