'Muzikhaller' at Atatürk Cultural Center

Musical Halls at Ataturk Cultural Center
'Muzikhaller' at Atatürk Cultural Center

The actors of the Istanbul State Theater are bringing together the unforgettable songs and operettas that have taken their place in Turkish musical history with the audience once again with “Muzikhaller”. Musichaller, directed by Can Şıkyıldız, and supervised by Elif Erdal and Mine Tüfekçioğlu, includes a selection of Turkish musicals that have become a part of memories. Actors of the Istanbul State Theater will play and sing the selection, which includes works by important composers such as Muhlis Sabahattin Ezgi, Cemal / Ekrem Reşit Rey, Cem İdiz, Yalçın Tura, Timur Selçuk, Atilla Özdemiroğlu, Gürkan Çakıcı, Soner Olgun.

In Musichaller, where Nazlı Uğurtaş, Rojhat Özsoy, Zeynep Kızıltan, Meriç Akay and Ebru Kaymakçı play the vocals, Türkü Deyiş Çınar on piano and vocals, Doruk Ordu on vocals and guitar, Çiçek Üstün on vocals and violin, Görkem Koyuncu on vocals and double bass, Evrim on vocals and clarinet. Kırcı will perform vocals, baglama and percussion, Tolga Kortunay, vocals and concertina, Can Yılmaz, drums Can Şıkyıldız, vocals and drums Cansın Bezircilioğlu and Evren Akyürek.

Memorable songs such as "Woman is like the Sea" from Keşanlı Ali Epic, "My Heart When I See You Last Night" and "Long Live You Ayşe" from Ayşe Opereti, "If I Had a Home" from Phosphorlu Cevriye, 19-20 and It will give the audience nostalgic and enjoyable moments at the AKM Theater Hall on the evenings of August 21.

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