Uzbek History Reaches Its Texture

Ozbek has reached its historical texture.
Ozbek has reached its historical texture.

The Özbek Neighborhood of Urla gained its historical texture within the scope of the Bath Restoration and Square Arrangement Project carried out by the Urla Municipality. The village square, where visitors can spend time with pleasure, has gained a new face.

Within the scope of the project that changed the face of Özbek, whose construction was completed entirely with the own resources of the municipality, granite cubestone was used on the roads, and andesite coating and basalt pattern were applied on the pavements. “Urla stone” took its place in the square flooring in accordance with the village texture.

While a parking lot for 82 vehicles was created on the land behind the school, mutual sitting areas were created within the scope of the landscaping of the stream.

Uzbek Bath restored

Ozbek Hamami restored

Located in the center of the Özbek Neighborhood and used by women during the day and by men in the evening when it was active, the bath was restored in accordance with its original form. The bath culture, which brings the people living in the village together and enables them to socialize, will continue to keep the traditions alive.

Expressing that they want to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of our neighborhood and pass it on to future generations within the scope of the Square Arrangement, Urla Mayor V. District Governor Murtaza Dayanç said; “Urla, which smells of history, is a very special district in every sense. We will protect the history of our district with the works we have done and the projects we have prepared. In line with the needs of our neighborhoods, we will carry out our projects one by one while preserving the historical identity of our district.”

Günceleme: 13/10/2021 10:59

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