Air Defense System Delivery from ASELSAN

air defense system delivery from aselsan
air defense system delivery from aselsan

ASELSAN has made a new delivery within the scope of the project, which includes the modernization of 35mm towed guns, the Fire Management Devices (AIC), which provides the management of towed guns, and the supply of particle ammunition. In the development announced by the President of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), İsmail Demir, "We are strengthening our layered air defense system day by day." emphasis was made. In the statement, “We continued the new deliveries of the Fire Management Device and Modernized Towed Artillery systems, which we produced within the scope of our 35 mm Air Defense System Modernization and Particulate Ammunition Project, to the TAF.” statements were included.

ASELSAN's new air defense system order

In a statement to ASELSAN's Public Disclosure Platform – KAP, it was reported that it received an order for a short-range/low-altitude air defense system. The order covers the modernization of 29mm towed guns worth 2017 million Euros and 122.4 billion Turkish liras, Fire Management Devices (AIC) providing the management of towed guns, and the supply of particle ammunition, which was signed between ASELSAN and the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) on 1,01 December 35. given as an option for the project.

In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform, the contract value of the option order in euros and Turkish lira corresponds to approximately 311 million in US dollars. The statement made to KAP is as follows:

“ASELSAN A.S. The option package of 29.12.2017 Euro + 91.939.913 TL belonging to the short-range/low-altitude air defense system contract signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey on 1.767.865.305 was included in the scope of the contract on 18/06/2021. Deliveries of the said option will be made in 2023-2024.

Within the scope of the first contract, the procurement of 57 AICs and the modernization of 118 35 mm guns were planned. It is not known how many orders were made with the last option. However, with the optional order, the total cost of the contract was 214,3 million Euros + 2,77 billion Turkish liras.

In addition, before the contract in December 2017, a contract worth 35 million TL + 71.3 million Euros was signed within the scope of the 10.5 mm Oerlikon Modernization and Particulate Ammunition Supply project. 35 mm modernized towed guns are managed by a system called Fire Management Device (AIC) and turned into a modern air defense system. AIC can also control the HİSAR-A air defense system.

AIC Team

Developed by Aselsan, the Fire Management Device (AIC) Team offers a low-altitude air defense solution based on the most up-to-date technology in order to effectively perform the air defense of critical facilities and fixed military units. Typical AIC kit consists of 1 Fire Management Device (AIC), 2 35mm Modernized Towed Gun and 1 Low Altitude Air Defense Missile Launch System (HİSAR-A FFS).

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