foods that are good for spring fatigue

Foods for Spring Fatigue

Dietitian and Life Coach Tuğba Yaprak gave information about the subject. What is spring fatigue? What are the effects on our health? Spring fatigue is one of the three types of fatigue. Spring fever; A seasonal [more…]

Konya metro financing loan approved
42 Konya

Konya Metro Financing Loan Approved

AK Party Konya Deputy Ziya Altunyaldız shared the new developments regarding the highly anticipated Konya Metro with the public. Altunyaldız said, “The financing loan of Konya Metro has been approved. The problems with China have also been recently [more…]

people of izmir loved the cinema at sea
35 Izmir

People of Izmir Loved the Cinema at Sea

Organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, “1. Izmir International Mediterranean Cinemas Meeting” ended yesterday. The people of Izmir were particularly interested in the film screenings on the Kadifekale floating platform. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality between 8-12 September [more…]

49 Germany

At Mercedes-Benz Autoshow 2021

Except for the EQS and the New C-Class; All-electric EQA, EQC, renewed Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé, New Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, renewed CLS, GLB, G-Class and concept car Vision AVTR from Mercedes-EQ at Autoshow 2021 [more…]

proper nutrition during pregnancy

Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

Nutrition is one of the most important issues concerning maternal and infant health during pregnancy. It is possible to have a healthy and easier pregnancy with the right diet. Near East University Hospital Women [more…]

how to use surgical aspirators how to clean

How Are Surgical Aspirators Used? How to Clean?

Devices that are used in patient care processes in areas such as hospitals, ambulances and homes and that provide liquid or particle extraction by vacuum method are called surgical aspirators. Thanks to its high suction power, it can also be used in surgeries and emergencies. [more…]

foods to avoid during pregnancy

What are the Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy?

Expert Dietitian Aslıhan Küçük Budak gave information about the subject. Proper nutrition during pregnancy is important for both the development of the baby and the protection of the mother's health. During this period, it is harmful to the health of the mother and baby. [more…]

great fear in bursa city hospital metro project
16 Bursa

Great Fear in Bursa City Hospital Metro Project!

What we see is this… Everything is ready for the project that will bring Bursaray, which we call the City Hospital Metro, to the high-speed train station and the City Hospital, via the last stop Emek, on the Geçit-Balat route. More… With its 6.1 kilometer long line and 4 underground stations, all of which will be underground [more…]

If he blinks frequently, squints or rubs his eyes, pay attention

Blinks, Squints, or Rubs His Eyes Often; Attention

While reading, he shifts the lines or follows them with his fingers all the time… He gets distracted in a short time while reading or writing… He looks very close to the letters… This kind of behavior, which is quite common in children who have just started primary school, is parents. [more…]

beware of autumn allergies

Attention Autumn Allergy!

With the arrival of autumn, the air temperatures dropped significantly. There has also been an increase in some allergy symptoms these days when the windows are closed. The triggers for fall allergies are different, but just as much during the spring and summer months. [more…]

istanbul oral b bogazici triathlon was held
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Oral B Bosphorus Triathlon Held

12 triathletes from Turkey and around the world participated in the Istanbul Oral B Bosphorus Triathlon held on September 500 in the Beykoz district of Istanbul. With the contributions of Oral-B, the global brand of oral health products, the sport of Triathlon is developing rapidly. [more…]

Irrational use of antibiotics can cause cancer

Using Unconscious Antibiotics Can Cause Cancer

“Antibiotics are an important aid to humanity in combating serious diseases. Antibiotics are the most important weapon in the disease that can lead to many deaths.” said Istanbul Okan University Hospital Radiation Oncology Specialist. Instructor Member of Tayfun [more…]

hello i am robot albert einstein
86 China

Hello, I'm Robot Albert Einstein

From the dancing robot to the piano-playing robot, from the robot panda to the Robot Einstein, the stunning state-of-the-art robot was presented to visitors at the 10 World Robot Exhibition, which started in Beijing on September 2021. At the 2021 World Robot Conference [more…]