chery entered the sudan market, the automaker chery entered the sudan market by establishing an assembly plant
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Chinese Automaker Chery Enters Sudan Market

Chinese automaker Chery has also entered the Sudanese market. The first launch in the country was held in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. China's Ambassador to Sudan, Ma Xinmin, who attended the launch, welcomed Chery and Sudan's GIAD Engineering Industrial Group. [more…]

Enduro Enthusiasts Meet in Bursa
16 Bursa

Enduro Enthusiasts Gathered in Bursa

The 'Green Way Uludağ Hard Enduro Race', organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality as part of the celebrations of the 99th anniversary of the liberation from the Greek occupation, started with the participation of 250 athletes. President Alinur Aktaş started the races that will last for 3 days. [more…]

Izmir metro stations will turn into art galleries
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Izmir Metro Stations Will Be Turned into Art Gallery

In line with the goal of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer to transform Izmir into a city of culture and arts, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality organizes "Wall Surface Applications Competition" for metro stations. Kazanworks of contemporary artists Basmane, Fahrettin Altay, [more…]

city ​​and gulf tours have started again
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City and Bay Tours Restarted

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's free "City and Bay" tours, which bring together women, especially in far-off areas, with the city they live in, have started again after the break during the pandemic period. 545 women participated in the tours held this week. [more…]

How to apply for a job from the state to the public

How to Apply for a Public Job via E-Government?

Personnel recruitment to public institutions will now be made from a single point. After the work carried out by the Presidential Human Resources Office, the public recruitment service was included in e-Government. Well, from e-Government to government cadres through the 'career gate' [more…]

They pedaled on the way to world heritage
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Pedal on the World Heritage Trail

Organized for the seventh time this year to raise awareness for the Bergama and Selçuk districts of İzmir, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the "UNESCO World Heritage Road Bicycle Tour" ended with a ceremony held in Cumhuriyet Square. Izmir [more…]

warehouse here
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Ankara Professional Home Goods Storage

Free appraisal: In order to be able to easily handle the moving phase and to come up with an accurate plan, we offer a free survey service before starting the moving process. Ankara Goods Storage In this way, we inform you about the stages and [more…]