transanatolia ended in karsta
36 Kars

TransAnatolia Ended in Kars

Turkey's first and only, and one of the world's biggest challenging races, the 2-kilometer TransAnatolia Rally Raid ended with an award ceremony in Kars. Support of Serhat Development Agency (SERKA) and [more…]

european mobility week events in konya started
42 Konya

European Mobility Week Events Started in Konya

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay, during the European Mobility Week; In order to protect nature, to leave a healthier environment for new generations and to raise awareness about sedentary life, a large number of events were organized in Konya. [more…]

Population services offered through e-government

Population Services Provided via E-Government

Mobile signature and/or electronic signature are required for general e-government. In order to benefit from these services, it is obligatory to enter the e-government system with a mobile signature and/or electronic signature. Birth Notification Procedures 30 days [more…]

Propolis mouth spray

Propolis Throat Spray

Propolis is a very special mixture created by bees and is considered an aid in traditional disease treatment. If you tend to get sick during cold and flu season, you should try propolis-containing products and see the beneficial results for yourself. [more…]

beware of dysthymia depression

Beware of Dysthymia Depression

Experts say that depression is usually expected to pass for up to 6 months, and that 'dysthymia', also called 'constant depression', impairs the quality of life, although it does not have as severe symptoms as normal depression. occur for many reasons [more…]

A special stop for pedestrians and cyclists for the first time in Istanbul
34 Istanbul

A First Stop for Pedestrians and Cyclists in Istanbul

Istanbul's first Mobile Pedestrian Stop was put into service during the European Mobility Week. The specially designed stop, which offers pedestrians and cyclists the opportunity to rest in greenery, is getting ready to meet with Istanbulites at many points of the city. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]