cat and dog toys

Cat and Dog Toys

Budget-friendly food options with rich content and affordable prices for our paw friends. You can find all the brand foods you are looking for here, with a rich product variety that includes all the vitamin needs of our paw friends. your cat [more…]

The safest cities in the world have been announced

The World's Safest Cities Announced

While the list of the world's safest cities became clear, it was noted that the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, took the first place. While 60 big cities were included in the research, 76 different indicators were taken as a basis. ISTANBUL RANK 37 The Economist [more…]

free blue cruise voyages started in bursa
16 Bursa

Free Blue Cruise Expeditions Started in Bursa

The free 'Blue Tour' voyages organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of bringing citizens together with the beaches started with a ceremony attended by Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş. From the plain to the mountain, from the historical and cultural heritage of Bursa to the sea. [more…]

Curious about genital warts

Curious About Genital Warts

Genital warts, which can be seen in both women and men, are among the causes of sexually transmitted diseases. The most important preventive measures against genital warts caused by HPV are HPV vaccines. 'genital [more…]

encopresis is usually seen in boys of his age

Encopresis Usually Seen in 5-Year-Old Boys

Üsküdar University NP Feneryolu Medical Center Child Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist Assist. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit gave information about encopresis in children and the treatment process. The age at which the sphincter muscle must be completed [more…]

Works have started on bursaray city hospital line
16 Bursa

Works Started on Bursaray City Hospital Line

On Friday… We have been informed that the project changes have been completed and the construction has started behind Balat, which will take Bursaray from its last stop, Emek Station, to the City Hospital by the Geçit-Balat route. When we climbed the hill that overlooks Balat on the side of the City Hospital in order to get a view, we saw the construction equipment work on the open land arrangement on the route between Balat-Şehir Hospital. [more…]

t tram line reaction in bursa, rust-inducing doktuler on the rails
16 Bursa

Rust Remover Protest on Bursa T2 Tram Line

The IYI Party Provincial Presidency reacted to the fact that the T2 Tram Line, which will connect the City Square to the Terminal, has not yet been completed. IYI Party Provincial Chairman Selcuk Turkoglu protested the unfinished project by pouring rust remover on the rails. Big city [more…]