4 Situations SMEs Frequently Encounter About Data Loss

The situation that SMEs frequently encounter regarding data loss
The situation that SMEs frequently encounter regarding data loss

Data is more valuable than gold. So much so that all companies, whether large or SME, are struggling to protect data. However, recent research shows that 68% of SMEs do not get support from experts for data recovery. Data Recovery Services General Manager Serap Günal draws attention to 4 situations that SMEs frequently encounter regarding data loss.

The loss of data that is not taken in time or not subjected to professional recovery processes is increasing every year. While thousands of hard disks are damaged every week, the losses of SMEs that keep their data on hard disks are increasing. According to Serap Günal, General Manager of Data Recovery Services, who stated that SMEs do not take into account the major problems in data loss that they frequently encounter, SMEs need to pay attention to 4 terrible scenarios that lead to data loss.

1. Do not use a damaged hard disk. While a hard drive has a long lifespan, it is not forever. Of course, at some point, the hard drive you are using will become unusable due to wear and tear. If your computer is unusually hot, screen freezes, and you hear loud gibberish, it gives you alarms about your hard drive. This causes data loss.

2. A virus or malware attack causes data loss. You may think you're protected, but it's important to remember that hackers are getting better and better at creating attacks to invade your computer and infect it with malware. Your important data can be stolen and deleted with actual attacks. This further increases the severity of data loss. You should seriously consider protecting against malware.

3. Be alert to natural disasters. The weather has become more unpredictable these days. There is no way to control it. The rains are stronger and the floods more destructive. They can damage and ruin anything in just a few seconds. The first thing you should do in case of damage to your hard disks in these situations is to seek professional support.

4. Human error should always be taken into account. How many times have you accidentally deleted a file? No matter how computer savvy you are, at some point you may accidentally delete an important PDF or presentation without realizing it. Data loss due to human error, from hard disk damage to liquid spills, software corruption and accidental hard disk formatting, is among the most common causes of data loss in SMBs.

Data Recovery Under Expert Control

It is critical that SMEs who suspect a data loss do not take any action that they are not sure about in order to avoid further damage to their databases and files. Instead of unconscious personal interventions or dysfunctional data recovery software that can increase the problem, taking quick action and delivering the media to professional hands greatly increases the chance of data recovery. For this reason, getting expert help, especially in complex cases and sensitive data, is actually the only right option. Serap Günal, General Manager of Data Recovery Services, "I can't access my data!" He states that companies that say this should immediately apply to a professional company in this regard.

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