Turkish Petroleum Launches Buy Now, Pay Later Era in Fuel Sector

Turkish Petroleum has started the buy now and pay period in the fuel sector.
Turkish Petroleum has started the buy now and pay period in the fuel sector.

Turkish Petroleum, breaking new ground in the Turkish fuel sector, offers its customers the opportunity to postpone their fuel payments with the TP Mobil application. With TP Mobil, customers can buy their fuel now and pay later, with ready limit applications they can make instantly, without a guarantor and without a bank account.

Turkish Petroleum, the 100 percent domestic brand of the fuel industry operating under Zülfikarlar Holding, has accelerated its digital transformation investments to meet changing consumer needs and expectations. In this direction, Turkish Petroleum, in cooperation with Colendi, TurkPara and Visa, broke new ground in the Turkish fuel sector through the TP Mobil application.

İsfendiyar Zülfikari: “We have taken TP Mobil to a whole new level, we have realized our dream”

İsfendiyar Zülfikari, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zülfikarlar Holding, announced that they broke new ground with Turkish Petroleum, the fastest growing brand in the Turkish fuel sector, last year.

İsfendiyar Zülfikari made the following remarks in his statement: “Today, in accordance with the dynamics of the digital age, every sector focuses on providing more inclusive and holistic solutions to the lives and needs of consumers by developing payment solutions in addition to their field of expertise. We have focused on digital payment systems to facilitate the experiences of 4,5 - 5 million unique users who step into our stations every month and to provide faster solutions to their needs. In this context, as Turkish Petroleum, we are breaking new ground in the fuel sector with the “Buy Now, Pay Later”, which we launched through our TP Mobil application. With the TP Mobile application, we offer a system where they can immediately take their fuel and make the payment later, that is, postpone their fuel payments, with ready limit applications they can make instantly, without a guarantor and without a bank account. We provide consumers with not only a solution that can be used for fuel purchases, but also an opportunity to meet many needs with the virtual wallet that every user will have. Our aim is to provide money transfer, investment opportunities, etc. that users need as bank customers. to make available different financial instruments. Thus, we aim to make TP Mobil a self-developing ecosystem.”

Emphasizing that it is a priority for them to meet the expectations of consumers, Visa Turkey General Manager Merve Tezel said, “We have seen that with the changing habits during the pandemic period, consumers demand the convenience of paying with their cards wherever they shop, regardless of place and platform. Especially in contactless payments, a big transformation that we normally predict would take years took place in a few months. As Visa, we are constantly working to expand the payment infrastructure, to provide diversity in payment systems and to offer more options to consumers. TP Mobil Visa Card is a product that is the first in its field and will make it easier for consumers to purchase fuel. With this prepaid card, which allows contactless payments, it is also possible to purchase fuel at Turkish Petroleum stations by reaching the predefined limit defined for the person. We are happy to implement payment options that meet consumer expectations, such as TP Mobil Visa Card, together with our business partners.”

Opportunity to Buy Fuel with a Preset Limit Without a Bank Account or Credit Card

Consumers who download the TP Mobile application can now buy their fuel with instantly defined limits without the need for a bank account, credit card or guarantor, and delay their payment. In addition to purchasing fuel, TP Mobil also offers free money transfer 7/24 with a phone number or QR code, without the need for an IBAN number, with the TP Wallet specially created for consumers. In addition, with the TP Mobile Card, users can make all their online shopping from the market to cosmetics, from furniture to clothing as they wish, while at the same time, they also get instant discounts on their purchases from member businesses. kazanhe's eating.

Turkey's Growing Sector; Fintech

The world fintech market, which has a size of approximately 5,5 trillion dollars, grows by an average of 24 percent every year. The size of the fintech market, which includes more than 200 companies in our country, has reached a value of 15 billion dollars according to the latest researches.

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