Using Unconscious Antibiotics Can Cause Cancer

Irrational use of antibiotics can cause cancer
Irrational use of antibiotics can cause cancer

“Antibiotics are an important aid to humanity in combating serious diseases. Antibiotics are the most important weapon in the disease that can lead to many deaths.” said Istanbul Okan University Hospital Radiation Oncology Specialist. Instructor Member Tayfun Hancılar made statements for cancer patients. Why do antibiotics increase the risk of cancer?

Antibiotics are an important aid to humanity in combating serious diseases. Antibiotics are the most important weapon in the disease that can lead to many deaths. However!

Between 2000 and 2015, antibiotic consumption worldwide increased by 65% ​​from 21,1 to 34,8 billion daily doses. According to the World Health Organization, Turkey has become the third highest consumer of antibiotics with a defined daily dose of 1000 per 38.18 population, with increasing antibiotic consumption. However, unconscious consumption of antibiotics unfortunately increases the risk of cancer.

In a meta-analysis published in the Journal of Cancers in August 2019, in a study conducted on approximately 8 million people, it was determined that long and excessive use of antibiotics increased the risk of developing cancer in general, especially lung, pancreatic and lymphoma, by 18%. When the prescriptions used by the patients were examined, a serious increase in cancer risk was found among those who never used antibiotics and those who used them for a long time.

Long-term use of antibiotics, especially in young people, increases the risk of bowel cancer. Likewise, in the study conducted in England, the prescription records of 29.000 people with bowel cancer and 166.000 people as a control group were examined. The risk of bowel cancer was 60% higher in those who used antibiotics for more than 18 days in total.

Why do antibiotics increase the risk of cancer?

Now we know that a healthy body comes with healthy intestines. There are a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi, which we call the microbiota that naturally live with us in our digestive system. Most of these are microorganisms that are beneficial to our body and strengthen our immune system. Unfortunately, while antibiotics destroy harmful bacteria, they also destroy beneficial bacteria and disrupt the body's defense mechanism. Studies have shown that the effect of some cancer drugs used in the treatment of cancer patients with impaired intestinal structure is reduced. It is known that there is a microbial ecosystem in lung tissues. Changes in the lung microbiota caused by long-term antibiotics may explain the higher probability of lung cancer.

Of course, in short-term use, the intestines repair itself quickly, but in long-term use, the microbiota is seriously deteriorated. Especially long-term use of beta-lactam, cephalosporin and fluoroquinolone group antibiotics was found to be more risky.

The risk is higher in Turkey!

Unfortunately, antibiotics are used indiscriminately in every disease in our country, and patients put pressure on the doctor in this regard. Especially in infections, the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics without determining the most effective antibiotic by culture examinations increases the risk.

Although antibiotics do not work in many viral diseases, they are used for "precautionary" purposes. The use of antibiotics in the simplest fever in children poses serious risks in terms of cancer in the future. Moreover, the doctor who says that there is no need for antibiotics becomes the "unloved doctor" and a search for another doctor is immediately started.

“Do not take antibiotics without doctor's approval!”

Remember, the healthier your intestinal flora is, the more resistant you are to infection and cancer. Of course, antibiotics are life-saving when necessary, but unnecessary and long use can lead you to more serious diseases. Especially do not make your children unconsciously use antibiotics. Do not take antibiotics without doctor's approval. Antibiotic use is not necessary for every fever.

Keeping their intestinal flora as balanced as possible in people struggling with cancer will affect the course of their disease.

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