China Gifts Cambodia $150 Million Stadium

gin gifted a million dollar stadium to cambodia
gin gifted a million dollar stadium to cambodia

China has handed over the stadium it built in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, to the country's rulers. This stadium, which cost 150 million dollars, is the most important infrastructure work ever gifted to Cambodia by China.

The stadium, which has a capacity of 60 people, is the first project realized within the framework of Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative. The opening of this sports facility, which will host the Southeast Asian Games to be held in 2023, took place with a ceremony in which Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was also present.

The stadium, called Morodok Techno National Stadium, was designed in the form of a sailing ship. According to official sources, this ship symbolizes the long-term friendship that has come from the times when the Chinese went to Cambodia by ship. The water ditch around the stadium was built to resemble the ditch surrounding the Angkor Wat temple, one of Cambodia's most important archaeological structures. In this context, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, praised the relations between China and his country, and stated that he had contacted his Chinese friends about the construction of this stadium and that they saw the fruit of this infrastructure facility and that they considered it a new stage of friendly relations between Cambodia and China.

On the other hand, the two countries signed many contracts during the visit of Foreign Minister Wang. Beijing has promised to invest $250 million in Cambodia for these development projects.

Source: China International Radio

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