Free Parking Lots Breathe Buca Traffic

free parking lots made buca traffic breathe
free parking lots made buca traffic breathe

Buca Municipality, which works to ease the traffic by putting an end to the parking problem in Buca, has accelerated its free parking projects. Within the scope of the works to prevent the random car parking on the streets, a total of 17 free parking lots were opened for the use of citizens.

Buca Municipality, which continues its works at full speed to relieve urban traffic, continues to open new parking areas.

Within the scope of the work carried out by the Buca Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, parking lots were carried out especially in areas where there is a parking problem and there is congestion in the streets.


Within the scope of the works, especially the idle areas in certain points of the city were transformed. The Science Affairs teams, which carried out cleaning and ground correction work, paved the areas with key cobblestones. The teams, which organized areas such as automobile, bus, minibus, motorcycle and bicycle parking, opened 15 areas in 17 neighborhoods as free parking lots for the use of their citizens.

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